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Ringed Ferrite Cow Magnet

/Ringed Ferrite Cow Magnet
  • Ringed Ferrite Cow Magnet

Ringed Ferrite Cow Magnet with metal end, Hardware Disease, Ceramic C5 Cow Magnet, Ultimate Heavy-Duty Cow Magnet with Steel End Caps and Steel Plates, Ru-master 5 Cow Magnet,  Rumax Magnet

Ferrite Cow Magnet Specifications:
Part No.: HSCCM-04
Material: Ceramic
Shape: Rod
Finish: Stainless Steel
End Caps: Metal
Length: 3.375 inches
Outer Diameter: 0.750 inch
Weight: 1 lb.
Multi-poled, ceramic & stainless steel assembly cow magnet.

The patented design of the Ru-Master 5 improves upon the quality and longevity of the original heavy-duty rumen magnet. In comparison, the Ru-Master 5 is:

Durable Its durable structure boasts plated, solid steel end caps for corrosion prevention and a solid steel connector rod through the core to reduce breakage in shipping and handling. No plastic parts involved.

Stronger Magnetizaton before assembly creates a consistent pulling force from each section along the length of the magnet and enhances its overall strength.

Superior Characteristically, the Ru-Master 5 has rounder ends and is slightly heavier than the original heavy-duty cow magnet. These qualities make it easier for the magnet to travel to the stomach and stay there.
HSMAG supplies Alnico Cow Magnets in Alnico Grade 5 or Ferrite Cow Magnets in Ceramic C5 Grade. Other types are available upon request.
To make ordering your magnets easier, just find the right size on the chart below, and note the Part No.. Then contact us to place your order.

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Product Range

Part No. Material Shape Length Width Height Outer Diameter Other
HSCCM-01 Alnico Rod 5.750″ N/A N/A 0.750″
HSCCM-02 Alnico Rod 3.000″ N/A N/A 0.500″
HSCCM-03 Ceramic Block 2.750″ 0.500″ 0.625″ N/A
HSCCM-04 Ceramic Rod 3.375″ N/A N/A 0.750″ with metal ends
HSCCM-05 Ceramic Rod 3.375″ N/A N/A 0.750″ with plastic ends
HSCCM-06 NdFeB Rod 3.000″ N/A N/A 0.500″
HSCCM-07 / CP-6 Ferrite Rod 3.000″ N/A N/A 0.625″


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