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Ring Shaped Everlube NdFeB Magnets

/Ring Shaped Everlube NdFeB Magnets
  • Ring Shaped Everlube NdFeB Magnets

Ring Shaped Everlube NdFeB Magnets, Everlube Coated NdFeB Rare Earth Ring Magnet for Sensor and Motor, Super Strong Everlube Plating Permanent Magnets, Everlube coating neodymium magnets China Factory

Ring Shaped Everlube NdFeB Magnets Feature:
Material neodymium, pure iron, boron ferroalloy and other additives.
Grade N35-N52 (M.H.SH.UH.EH.AH)
Coating Everlube
Shape Ring
Working temperature(℃) 80℃-250℃
MOQ 100pcs
Sample Available
Sample Lead Time 10-20 days
Payment Terms T/T, L/C, Paypal, WU, E-checking, VISA, Master Card…
Custom Design Welcome
Service OEM&ODM
Packing several pieces/box, 8 boxes/carton
Sample Cost,The cost will be returned after placing an order Depends on size and quantity
Production Time 15-25 DAYS(Depends on size and quantity)
Delivery Port NINGBO
ROHS in compliance
We also can supply L-T Series magnets with low weight loss, for wind turbines generators, tide generators, marsh gas generators, elevators engine, which have to ensure high reliability on function, this will help them to increase the ability of Corrosion resistance, and prolong the use age, get down the maintain cost of facility.
Characteristic Strong magnetic power,high magnetic grade , high working temperature , exact dimension, tiny machining tolerances, small and special shapes , vairious coating for anti-corrosion
Electronic areas: speakers, headphones, acoustics, sensors and so on.
Motor areas: generators, servo motors, micro-motors, vibration motors, elevator motor and so on.
Clean Tech Energy – Water flow enhancement, wind turbines.
Health care: MRI, medical treatment equipment.
Other industries: electric doors and windows, electric vehicle, electric bicycles, computer, phone, boxes, magnetic tools and so on

Everlube 6155 is an aluminized barrier coating specially formulated to maximize adhesion and corrosion protection when applied to rare earth magnets. The coating is very durable and provides excellent chemical and corrosion resistance.
Advantages of Everlube coating
High load;
Reduce friction coefficient;
High-temperature resistance;
Enhance chemical corrosion resistance;
Improve rust-resistance.
HSMAG Everlube Product is the leader in the area of functional coatings. Everlube is one of the leading branches of Curtiss Wright, and its products are widely used in Boeing, Airbus and NASA over the past several decades. Customized Everlube Coated Magnets
The Everlube coating is a thermosetting coating. Its main components include PTFE, molybdenum disulfide (MoS2) and phenolic resin adhesive.

Advantages of Everlube-coated magnet, N52 Cylinder Rare Earth Neodymium Everlube Magnets
Everlube Products has been developed Everlube 10047 coatings specifically for rare earth magnets. Due to its excellent performance, the Everlube-coated magnet has already became the specified coating by customers from China and abroad.

Magnets are generally used in “circuits”. This means that magnets are typically used in conjunction with other materials such as steel or iron to direct the flux to achieve the results desired. Often determining which magnet to use, what shape, size, the shape and size of the metal components such as return paths and pole pieces and such can be very challenging. This is because there is very little published data available. It is difficult to learn this when required because it takes time, and generally the effort required to learn and implement ends up being uneconomical unless the company is going to specialize in magnet circuit designs. Everlube Coated NdFeB Rare Earth Block Magnet for Linear Motor
Many years of rich experience at designing can help you lower the cost and also shorten the designing time, by which you could be much more competitive in the market.

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