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Ring FeCrCo Magnets

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Ring FeCrCo Magnets, Iron-Chrome-Cobalt magnets (FeCrCo), Fe-Cr-Co Tube Magnets

FeCrCo Magnets – Iron Chromium Cobalt magnet has good plasticity, ductility and machinability, it has the similar magnetic properties with Alnico5. It can be made into semi-hard magnetic alloy, the alloy can be used at higher temperature and has good corrosion resistance. It can be produced to different shapes, such as wire, tube, bar, strip, etc.

• Magnets with a high magnetic field strength
• Outstanding thermal environment characteristics
• High-strength

These magnets have a magnetic field strength that rivals that of anisotropic Nd-Fe-B sintering magnets. Their outstanding resistance to thermal environments lend themselves to be widely used as servo motors, sensors and other measuring instruments. Outstanding strength and difficult to crack, screw holes can be easily machined into these magnets, and they are widely installed on doors and sashes to detect whether doors or windows are open or closed. A small retention force means they are recommended for use as closed circuits when used in areas where opposing magnetic forces are generated, such as in motors.

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