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Reduction Eddy Current Loss Neodymium Lamination Magnets

/Reduction Eddy Current Loss Neodymium Lamination Magnets
  • Reduction Eddy Current Loss Neodymium Lamination Magnets

Reduction Eddy Current Loss Neodymium Lamination Magnets, Magnetic Segmentation Tech, MAX High working temperature 200℃ segment neodymium Laminated Magnets, Phosphated Plated Lamination Magnets, Laminated rare earth permanent magnets for eddy current loss in high-speed magnetic motor

Reduction Eddy Current Loss Neodymium Lamination Magnets Part No. HSLAMIM-05
Customzied Specific Requirements
Know as Lamination Magnetic Core
OEM or ODM service: Accept
Grade: N35AH and N35EH, N45H, N42SH, N50M…
Surface Treatment: Phosphate
Tolerance: +/-0.02 – 0.05mm

A permanent magnet built up of magnetized strips to obtain a high intensity of magnetization.
An electromagnet for ac circuits, having a laminated core to reduce eddy currents.
The torque and eddy current loss of the magnetic coupling has important influence on the performance of magnetic driving pump.alculation of Eddy Current Loss in 3D Nonlinear Field Using Hybrid Method. Magnetic Segmentation Tech Fan-shaped Laminated Neodymium Magnets

Laminated Magnets Reduce Eddy Current Loss in High-Efficiency Motors.
High efficiency demands the best materials, and the HSMAG Permanent Type laminated rare earth magnets are proven to reduce eddy current losses in high-efficiency motors. Less eddy current loss means less heat and less waste. Designers in the aerospace, automotive, motorsport, and industrial markets are turning to laminated rare earth magnets, and are working to balance the tradeoff between power and heat.

1.What the advantage of the laminated magnets ?
Laminated magnets can reduce eddy current loss in high efficiency motors, high efficiency demands the best material , and the laminated rare earth magnets are proved to reduce eddy current loss in high efficiency motors , Fewer eddy current loss means lower heat and greater efficiency .

2.Technical requirement
The thickness available insulating layers less than 20UM ,the maximum working temperature can be up to 200℃ magnet layers from 0.5 mm and up ,custom shapes and size in neodymium magnet .

3. Application Scope :
Aerospace , automotive, motor sport and the industrial markets are turning to laminated neodymium magnets , it can be balance the power and heat better than the whole magnet .

The eddy current loss of rare earth magnet can be reduced by many ways, among them, the material science researchers have proposed to prepare the high-resistivity magnet
1.Reducing electromagnetic eddy current.
2.Remaining the same magnetic properties with the whole magnet or even superior.

Laminated magnet is to cut the whole magnet into many small magnets, and then use specific glue to bond together. These small magnets are insulated from each other and can down lectromagnetic eddy current.

HSMAG minimizes the tradeoff by offering best-in-class materials with:
The thinnest available insulating layers, <20 um
Performance at temperatures up to 200˚C
Magnet layers from .5 mm and up in custom shapes and sizes in samarium cobalt and neodymium iron boron.

The versatility, operating efficiencies, and installation economies of general purpose adjustable frequency ac drives are making them increasingly popular as replacements for aging eddy current drives. Let’s begin with our model geometry. In this example, we have a 3D model of an 18-pole PM motor. To reduce computational efforts and capture the full 3D behavior of the motor, we use sector symmetry and axial mirror symmetry.
You can see an animation of the full motor design below. This includes the rotor and stator iron (gray), stator winding (copper), and permanent magnets (blue or red depending on radial magnetization).From the results of the first plot, we can visualize the magnetic flux density of the motor when at a stationary state — in other words, the initial conditions used for the time-dependent simulation. The coil current at this initial state is zero. The plot on the right shows the magnetic flux density after the motor revolves one sector angle. To obtain a better view, we can exclude the air and coil domains.

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