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Rectangular Permanent Magnetic Chuck PMM SERIES

/Rectangular Permanent Magnetic Chuck PMM SERIES
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PMM SERIES Rectangular Permanent Magnetic Chuck, Magnetic Chuck For Milling and Planing, Permanent Magnetic Workholding Systems china supplier factory

Rectangular Permanent Magnetic Chuck use magnetic force to hold a workpiece in place while it is being worked on. The magnets work by inducing polarity into the ferrous work material that connects across its north and south poles. When a workpiece is placed across the poles of the magnet, the flux flows into it. The ferrous components have poles that are opposite the polarity of the magnet so they attract each other. Amplifying and controlling this flux is the key to applying magnets in a metalworking operation.

Closing the gap between the workpiece and the magnet increases the attraction or “pull” of the magnet. Smooth surfaced workpieces are more tightly held than rough surfaced. The strength of the magnetic attraction is a function of how much magnetic flux can be induced into the workpiece.

With transverse pole pitch, p:15m, permanent neodymium-magnets, enhanced holding force
Rectangular Permanent Magnetic Chuck Use:
Heavy machining, such as milling and planing.
The dense, concentrated magnetic field enables it to be used for small, medium and large workpieces, including those with rough or uneven surfaces. The magnetic field is without any stray fields, preventing magnetization of
the tool.
Rectangular Permanent Magnetic Chuck Features:
Exceptionally strong neodymium magnetic system. ON-OFF control by means of hand lever. In the OFF position, a weak opposing field eases the removal of the workpiece. The magnets are equipped with longitudinal and transverse stop rails.
Laminations 3 mm brass / 12 mm steel.
Suitable for use with laminated topplates:
Nominal holding force: 150 N/cm2
Magnetic field height: 12 mm
Pole plate wearing limit: 5 mm

Suitable for sinker EDM applications

Guaranteed Precision & Safety

Magnetic chucks provide a consistent clamping pressure that ensures there is no variation in how tightly or loosely the workpiece is held, this hold improves the working safety of the user. The permanent hold also provides accuracy and precision in machining, cutting, drilling, milling, turning and grinding.  Fine Pole Rectangular Permanent Magnetic Chucks PME SERIES

Reduction in Operation Times

An advantage of using permanent magnetic chucks over traditional workholding machinery is that operation times and costs are considerably reduced, leading to an increase in efficiency and output. Our chucks come with a removable operating handle, which provides simple on-off switching between workpieces. With no manual clamping required, this leads to significantly improved clamping time.

Reduction in Operation Costs

No electricity is required for the operation of permanent magnetic chucks, so there is less machine downtime between workpiece setups, and operation can be carried out even in the event of a power failure. This also will help cut your electricity bills down and give you more time to get on with other tasks.

Versatile & Reliable Operation

Magnetic chucks provide a versatile clamping solution for use with a wide range of workpiece sizes. Our magnetic chucks are easy to operate and are highly reliable due to their permanent magnetism, ensuring consistent clamping at all times. Whilst clamped, all 5 faces of the workpiece can be accessed within one set-up, providing increased working versatility.

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Product Range


Part No.       Dimensions in mm           Weight in kg    Pole pitch
A        B      C       D
PMM1018    108    104     56     126            9.5                 12 + 3
PMM1225    250    120     56     196             15                 12 + 3
PMM1530    250    150     56     199             20                12 + 3
PMM1535    300    150     56     244            24                 12 + 3
PMM1535    350    150     56     289            25                 12 + 3
PMM2040  400    200     56     349            35                12 + 3
PMM2050  500    200      56    439            44                12 + 3
PMM2060  600   200      56     511             52                12 + 3
PMM3060  600   300     56      544           67                 12 + 3



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