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Rectangle Magnetic Grid

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Rectangle Magnetic Grid Feature:

1, Grid magnet consist  of Ndfeb magnet bars, and the frame of magnetic grid made by stainless steel;
2, Stainless steel material of rotary grid magnet can be ordered  for  the good quality#304 and superior quality#316;
3, Can be installed on the production line or location close to product material;
4, Grid magnet as a magnetic filter, will catch up the iron material when the product material get through, in order to remove iron material;
5, The specifications, style of grid magnet can be customized according to customer’ requirements and production site condition, the usual magnetic tubes standard diameter are D20, D22, D25, D30, D32;
6, Grid magnet are widely used in petrochemical, mining, steam turbine, metallurgy, pharmacy, food, ceramics, textile, rubber, plastics, machinery and other industries.

1, A variety of choice for grid magnets in Force magnetic solution company;
2, Professional design and advanced technology of magnetic grid simplify the work;
3, With beautiful designed shape and 12000GS high performance;
4, HSMAG grid magnet is more easily for removing iron and cleaning;
5, HSMAG grid magnets use superior material,does corrosion ability, durable.

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Product Range


1, Grid magnet  Item NO.: HSCMG-8 (customized by requirement)
2, Tubes number of grid magnet: 8 tubes in 2 layers. Each layer is 4 bars;
3, The diameter of grid magnet: D20mm in bar magnet
4, Grill magnet of performance : 12000GS
5, Material for rotary grid magnet: 8 pcs of permanent Ndfeb magnet bar, 2 pcs of 500mm * 200mm stainless steel plate.
6, Style of grid magnet: 2 layers, cuboid shape.

Part No. Diameter(mm) Pipe Number Materials Performance
HSCMG-3 20/22/25/32 3 Ndfeb/201#/304# 5000-12000gs
HSCMG-5 20/22/25/32 5 Ndfeb/201#/304# 5000-12000gs
HSCMG-7 20/22/25/32 7 Ndfeb/201#/304# 5000-12000gs
HSCMG-8 20/22/25/32 8 Ndfeb/201#/304# 5000-12000gs
HSCMG-9 20/22/25/32 9 Ndfeb/201#/304# 5000-12000gs
HSCMG-11 20/22/25/32 11 Ndfeb/201#/304# 5000-12000gs
HSCMG-13 20/22/25/32 13 Ndfeb/201#/304# 5000-12000gs
HSCMG-15 20/22/25/32 15 Ndfeb/201#/304# 5000-12000gs
HSCMG-17 20/22/25/32 17 Ndfeb/201#/304# 5000-12000gs
HSCMG-19 20/22/25/32 19 Ndfeb/201#/304# 5000-12000gs
HSCMG-22 20/22/25/32 22 Ndfeb/201#/304# 5000-12000gs
HSCMG-27 20/22/25/32 27 Ndfeb/201#/304# 5000-12000gs
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