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Rectangle Laminated Magnets for Synchronous BLDC Motor

/Rectangle Laminated Magnets for Synchronous BLDC Motor
  • Rectangle Laminated Magnets for Synchronous BLDC Motor

Rectangle Laminated Magnets for Synchronous BLDC Motor, Axial Flux BLDC Motor Lamination Block Permanent Magnet, superior NdFeB magnets for Industrial electric motors, Compact & Customized Motor Magnets Solution, High Performance Laminated Neodymium Magnets for Hub Motor Eddy Current Losses

Newly-designed Rectangle Laminated Magnets for Synchronous BLDC Motor Part No. HSLAMIM-29 – Laminated magnet is to cut the whole magnet into many small pieces of magnet, and then use specific glue to bond together. These small magnets are insulated from each other and enable to cut down electromagnetic eddy current.
When the permanent magnet motor is running, the motor will generate harmonic and the magnets themselves will generated skin effect, these all will bring a lot of eddy current loss, and then the temperature of permanent magnet rises, which results in irreversible demagnetization and affects the safety and stability of motor operation. So, the design of laminated magnet assembly is able to cut down risk and loss, however to improve the efficiency of motor.

The eddy current simulation experiment of different piecemeal permanent magnets
Experiment: NdFeB N35UH magnet, dimensions: 20*160*5MM
Magnets are tested at different excitation frequencies in a non-piecewise and piecewise manner .

An axial flux motor places the permanent magnets on the face of the rotor, and puts the stator in front of the rotor. To balance the magnetic forces, two rotors are often used—one on either side of the stator. The flux loop starts at a magnet on the rotor and passes through the air gap between rotor and stator. The flux passes axially through the first stator tooth and immediately arrives at a second magnet (when dual rotors are used). Unlike the radial flux motor, the flux path is one-dimensional, allowing the use of grain-oriented magnetic steels for greater efficiency. Newly-designed Axial Flux BLDC Motor Magnet Laminated Type

Our offering includes all steps to transform the full stator into a segmented version. We find the optimal geometry, build protoypes, do press fitting tests, temperature tests, manufacture samples and continue with the series production on our fully automatic production lines (see Engineering). Based on simple punching and bonding tools, we produce near-series samples. Additionally, we have developed procedures and equipment to do continous tests during serial production.

Testing results :
The eddy current loss of magnet decreases with the increase of magnet segments

Technical requirements:
The thickness of insulating layers is within 0.04mm
In normal temperature, the bond strength of insulating layers can reach more than 50MPa
The maximum working temperature can reach 200°C
The whole geometric tolerance is within 0.05mm
These small magnets are insulated from each other

Features :
Reducing electromagnetic eddy current
Remaining the same magnetic properties with the whole magnet or ever superior

Electromagnetic: Axial Flux machines have an inherently more efficient topology in the electromagnetic sense. For radial flux machines, the magnetic flux moves through the first tooth and then via the stator back to the next tooth to the magnets. In contrast, Axial Flux machines, the flux path is shorter: from the first magnet, through one core and straight on the other magnet.

Common Industries
Steel Mill
Pulp & Paper
Oil & Gas
Common Applications
Center winders
Payoff reels
Tension reels
Crane and hoist
Traction motor
Oil Drilling
Test stands low/high speed
Induction Servo

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