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Rectangle Fecrco Magnet w/ 2 countersunk holes

/Rectangle Fecrco Magnet w/ 2 countersunk holes
  • rectangle-fecrco-magnet-with-2-countersunk-holes
  • bar-fecrco-magnet

Rectangle Fecrco Magnet with 2 countersunk holes, FeCrCo Block Magnets w/ countersunk boreholes, Iron-Chrome-Cobalt Rectangular magnets (FeCrCo), Fe-Cr-Co Countersunk Magnets

Fecrco Magnet – Iron Chromium Cobalt (FeCrCo) magnet has good plasticity, ductility and machinability, it has the similar magnetic properties with Alnico5. It can be made into semi-hard magnetic alloy, the alloy can be used at higher temperature and has good corrosion resistance. It can be produced to different shapes, such as wire, tube, bar, strip, etc.

FeCrCo Magnets are a type of machinable magnetic material prior to heat treatment process. They are different from other permanent magnets that they can be machine by lots of methods. And FeCrCo Magnets are a type of magnet have low Hc, but high Br and BHmax. So they can be used in some special devices.
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