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Rectangle Alnico Channel Magnet

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  • Rectangle Alnico Channel Magnet

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Rectangle Alnico Channel Magnet Feature:
Part No.: HSACM-E02
Alnico Channel Grade 5 material, unpainted gray in color and have a maximum temperature of 550 degrees C
Length tolerance is +/-0.045″, width & channel tolerances are +/- 0.016″ and thickness tolerance is +/-0.005″
6-inch length, 0.5-inch width, 0.494-inch thickness, 0.254-inch channel width
Maximum pull of 26 pounds
All Measurements are in inches (unless otherwise noted)
Direction of Magnetization (DOM) is through the thickness unless noted
Unless otherwise specified, magnets will be furnished in magnetized condition
Holding forces are approximate. These are average values obtained under laboratory conditions. Size, shape, and material of the test piece may affect actual pull forces

Where Alnico is appropriate, magnet size can be minimized if it can be magnetized after assembly into the magnetic circuit. If used independent of other circuit components, as in security applications, the effective length to diameter ratio (related to the permeance coefficient) must be great enough to cause the magnet to work above the knee in its second quadrant demagnetization curve. For critical applications, Alnico magnets may be calibrated to an established reference flux density value.

Alnico channel magnets can be used for various holding applications and also for removal of tramp iron from chutes carrying grains, plastics, glass, minerals & other materials conveyed in powder or granular form.
Alnico channel bar magnets offer high temperature and corrosion resistance as well as greater magnetic pull than ceramic magnets. They are unpainted Gray or Blue in color.

Alnico channels are magnetized as a horseshoe with the South Pole on one side of the channel & the North Pole on the other side.
HSMAG alnico channel magnets are made of cast Alnico 5 material. All dimensions approximate and as cast with pole faces ground smooth. Other sizes are available upon request. Contact us if you don’t see what you’re looking for in this brief listing.

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Product Range


alnico channel magnet drawing

alnico channel magnet drawing

Item# A B C D E F Pull Lbs
HSACM-E01 0.625″ 0.375″ 5.000″ 0.187″ 0.125″ 0.250″ 16
HSACM-E02 0.500″ 0.494″ 6.000″ 0.162″ 0.254″ 0.177″ 26
HSACM-E03 0.875″ 0.750″ 6.000″ 0.250″ 0.438″ 0.375″ 45
HSACM-E04 1.000″ 0.812″ 6.000″ 0.312″ 0.437″ 0.375″ 51
HSACM-E05 1.250″ 1.000″ 6.000″ 0.406″ 0.500″ 0.438″ 62
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