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Rare Earth SmCo Laminated Segmented Magnet

/Rare Earth SmCo Laminated Segmented Magnet
  • Rare Earth SmCo Laminated Segmented Magnet

Rare Earth SmCo Laminated Segmented Magnet,  Superior Permanent Magnet, Rare Earth SmCo breadloaf shape magnets for rotor, higher operating temperature motor segmentation magnet, Strong Sintered Samarium Cobalt Segmented Laminated Magnets

Rare Earth SmCo Laminated Segmented Magnet Specifications
Dimensions: customized size
Tolerances: ±0.004″ x ±0.002″ (+/-0.1mm x ±0.05mm)
Material: Sm2Co17
Plating/Coating: N/A
Magnetization Direction: Parallel / Axially / Diametrically
Max Operating Temp: 350ºC
Shape: Laminated Segment / Breadloaf
Other: All magnets passed QC(Br. Flux.Dimensions)Test. We have special price for factory buyers

Segmented magnet poles: (a) A solid piece of bread loaf magnet. (b) Segmented bread loaf magnet. (c) Combined rectangular shape magnet. (d) Segmented magnet with recycling concept.

However, this kind of direct segmentation is costly to achieve. In order to make a compromise between cost and performance, normally the method shown in Figure (c) is a good option. Some authors claimed that with standard size magnet segment, we can even achieve the direct-reuse of the magnets, (d). However, this is still on the concept level. Then the key issue is how many segments does it take to reach the most optimal quantity? Which kind of coating and glue is the best option for magnet assembly?

The second technique is so called magnet powder injection. Simply said, it is a technique which mixes magnet powder together with a special binder, and this is directly injected into rotor container. Therefore, the difference between bonded magnet and this technique is the timing of the magnet formation—either before the injection or after the injection. When considering the recycling concept, the magnet powder can come from recycling routes, either directly recycled or indirectly recycled. The shortcomings of the technique are almost the same with bonded magnet. Bonded magnets have lower remanence flux density than sintered magnets, due to addition of the non-magnetic binder. Besides, the magnet powder is normally isotropic and of a low coercivity. However, recently there is a new injection technology that can inject the magnet powder into the rotor without binder. It simply uses a high pressure, or even auxiliary ultrasonic wave to make the powder compact. Thus, the remanence flux density can be highly improved. Meanwhile the authors claimed that a special sealing technology have to be implemented to make sure the powder is not leaked out.

HS Magnetics offers “W” grade NdFeB magnets with energy products up to 48 MGOe and maximum operating temperatures of 150°C. Rectangular parts may be manufactured up to 150 mm long x 101 mm wide x 38 mm thick, with tolerances as tight as ±0.13 mm. Laminated and non-laminated flux concentrators are available as a complete assembly. Other “W” grades offering higher operating temperatures, are available in slightly smaller overall sizes. In addition, various geometries are available including arc and breadloaf shapes. Segmented Bread Loaf SmCo Superior Permanent Magnet

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