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Rare Earth Material Samarium-Cobalt Generator Magnet

/Rare Earth Material Samarium-Cobalt Generator Magnet
  • Rare Earth Material Samarium-Cobalt Generator Magnet

Rare Earth Material Samarium-Cobalt Generator Magnet, Custom Made Arc Tile Segment Shapes SmCo Permanent Magnet, high power energy resistance temperature smco magnets SmCo5 Sm2Co17 China Supplier

Rare Earth Material Samarium-Cobalt Generator Magnet Feature:
Magnet Grade SmCo5,Sm2Co17
Size customized
Usage/Application Industrial Use
Temperature Up to 350 degree
Composite Sintered SmCo Magnet
Minimum Order Quantity 10 Piece

SmCo ARC magnets are a unique shape which are designed especially for motors, generators and alternators and are commonly used for both rotors and stators. They are also used in magnetic flywheel assemblies. SmCo ARC Magnets are perfect for high temperature applications, as they can work properly at 250-300 C.

Becasue rare earth metal price increased crazily in the recently years, even Maximum Energy Product (BH max ) and Residual Inductance (Br ) of SmCo5 Magnets is lower than that of Sm2Co17 Magnets, the price of SmCo5 magnets maybe higher that of Sm2CO17 Magnets because SmCo5 magnets contain some rare earth metal – praseodymium(Pr).

Various Size, Uncoated or Ni coating samarium cobalt magnets if needed, Most Samarium Arc magnets are Magnetized through thickness in pairs. We would like to supply affordable price samples to customer.

SmCo magnets are produced of the rare earth material samarium-cobalt. SmCo magnets are highly coercive with excellent corrosion resistance. They are commonly used at sensors or other devices where the magnet needs to operate in high temperatures.

Attributes of SmCo Magnets –
High resistance to demagnetization
High energy (magnetic strength is strong for its size)
Good temperature stability
Expensive material (cobalt is market price sensitive)
Applications of SmCo Magnets –
Computer disc drives, sensors, travelling wave tubes, linear actuators, satellite systems, motors where temporary stability is vital.
Tolerances –
Samarium cobalt magnets do not just excel at high temperatures, they maintain their magnetic properties even at temperatures below absolute zero (- 273 C) making them popular for cryogenic application.

Arc Segment Magnets, Expensive Material Cobalt Samarium Magnets
We provide a variety of dimension and grades, which can meet many applications and different demands.
Arc neodymium magnets are commonly used in generator, DC motor, serve motor, wind turbine, spindle motor, vacuum motor, linear motor and induction motor.
Most of arc segment magnet are plated by triple coating, Nickle -Copper-Nickle for a corrosion resistant finish. Working temperature from 80℃ to 200℃

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