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Rare Earth Magnet Separator

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  • Rare Earth Magnet Separator

Rare Earth Magnet Separator, Rare Earth Neodymium Magnetic Separator, Magnetic Separator with Rare Earth Magnet, Rare Earth Roll Magnetic Separators, Industrial Magnetic Separators & Electromagnetic Separation

The CFLJ series Rare Earth Magnet Separator, magnetic separator with rare earth magnet, also known as rare earth roll separator, features a double magnet structure with a large feed-size supporting structure and high intensity magnetic field. We utilize soft magnetic materials (rare earth magnet) to transmit magnetic force, which significantly reduces the loss of magnetic field and greatly increases overall magnetizing potential. Prior to iron elimination, the magnetic roll separator implements a magnetized disk with strong magnetic field for the collection of weak magnetic materials.

The magnetic separator also comes with an adjustable material feed system and automatic sanitation functions that remove weak magnetic oxidizing materials for the smooth continuity of operations. The surface of the magnetic roller can achieve strengths of up to 2.2T.

We can customize the magnetic separation equipment for a single level or multi-level design, according to client specifications. It is both easy and convenient to disassemble and reassemble the roller type magnetic separator. In addition, the magnetic roller frequency may be finely calibrated.

Exceptionally high magnetic recovery and discharge
Recover magnetics contained in feed slurries
Reduce per ton/media consumption of treated product
Recover magnetic solids in as clean a magnetic concentrate as possible
Keep separating baths at low viscosity
Eliminate misplaced product
Permanent magnet assembly eliminates coil burn-outs
In many instances, eliminate the need for a densifier
Manufactured in con-current and counter-current models

Magnetic separators which recover magnetics contained in feed slurries as efficiently as possible, to reduce the per ton/media consumption of treated product to a minimum.
Recovery of magnetic solids in as clean a magnetic concentrate as possible, to keep the separating bath at a low viscosity, and to eliminate a misplaced product.
A high gravity magnetic discharge to eliminate, in many instances, the need for a densifier. A high gravity concentrate simplifies plant operation.
Trouble-free operation with minimum down time, minimum operator attention and minimum cost.permanent magnet drum separator


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Product Range


Technical Specifications

Model Roller length
Magnetic field
Strength of roller mT
Magnetic Field
strength of plate mT
Belt width
capacity t/h
Driving motor
Power Kw
CFLJ-3-I 300 1500-2000 1300-1500 .1-2 0.4-1 1.5
CFLJ-5-I 500 1500-2000 1300-1500 0.1-2 0.8-2 1.5
CFLJ-8-I 800 1500-2000 1300-1500 0.3-2 1.2-3.6 2.2
CFLJ-10-I 1000 1500-2000 1300-1500 0.5-2 3-7.2 2.2
CFLJ-12-I 1200 1500-2000 1300-1500 0.5-2 4.8-9.6 2.2
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