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Radial Orientation Multi-pole Ceramic Magnetic Ring

/Radial Orientation Multi-pole Ceramic Magnetic Ring
  • Radial Orientation Multi-pole Ceramic Magnetic Ring

Radial Orientation Multi-pole Ceramic Magnetic Ring, Customized Radially Multipole Sintered Ferrite Magnets for air-conditioning motor rotor, Radial Magnetization multi-polar magnetic rings, Multi-Polars Permanent Hard Ferrite Anisotropic Ring Magnet Supplier

Radial Orientation Multi-pole Ceramic Magnetic Ring Features:
Specification size: OD 30MM * ID 21MM * H 25MM / custom design drawing
Magnetizing mode: Radial 16 poles
Type: Permanent
Composition: Sintered Ferrite Magnet (hard ceramic)

Ferrite radial multi-pole magnetic ring (radial orientation multi-pole magnetic ring) is widely used in various permanent magnet DC motors, such as synchronous motor, stepping motor, micro-pump motor, etc.
If you need to purchase custom radial multipole ferrite magnetic rings, please contact us!

Which products are the radial multipole magnetic ring mainly used in?
customer needs, 2 poles, 4 poles, 8 poles, 12 poles, 18 poles, 24 poles, 32 poles, 48 poles, etc.
Radial 2-pole ferrite magnets are commonly used in dishwashers, washing machines and pump rotors.
Radial 4-pole ferrite magnet is often used in fish tank water pump and pump motor.
Radial 6-pole ferrite magnets are commonly used in household appliances, magnetic pumps and water flow sensors.
Radial 8-pole ferrite magnetic rings are commonly used in air conditioning, fan motors and oil-electric hybrid vehicles.
Radial 12-pole ferrite magnetic rings are mostly used in air-conditioning, automotive oil pump motor, motor testing.
Radial 16-pole ferrite magnetic rings are used in mahjong machines, air-conditioning motor rotors and DC brushless motors.

Ceramic Magnets (also called Ferrite magnets) are made from a composite of iron oxide and barium carbonate or strontium carbonate which is sintered by compacting the fine alloy powder in a die and then fusing it with heat into solid material. Due to their high coercive force they are classified as hard materials (or hard ferrites), as are other permanent magnets including Neodymium, Samarium Cobalt and Alnico. Ferrite magnets can be used in temperatures up to 300 degrees Celsius. They are the most common permanent magnets in use today. Customized Radial Multipole Ferrite Rotor Magnets

The corrosion resistance of Ceramic/Ferrite is considered excellent, and no surface treatments are required. Ferrite magnets may have a thin film of fine magnet powder on the surface and for clean, non-contaminated applications some form of coating may be required. They are rather porous, and there may be applications where the surface should be sealed. Urethanes and epoxies work well. In addition, ferrite magnets lend themselves to printing.

Hard Ferrite magnets have excellent corrosion resistance and have normal operating capabilities between -40°C and +250°C. At extremely low temperatures there is a risk of permanent demagnetization in magnet systems with low permeance coefficients. Ferrite magnets have good intrinsic coercivity, making them resistant to demagnetizing effects.  Hall Sensor Ferrite Radial 6-pole Magnetization Magnetic Ring

Ceramic ring magnets, also known as Ferrite Ring Magnets, come in a wide range of sizes. They are often used in loudspeakers and in resonance imaging and torque drives. Other applications for this permanent magnet include holding, door closures, joinery, and light fixtures. Ceramic Rings are similar to Ceramic Discs but with a hole in the middle, which makes them a versatile magnet option. One popular application is the fishing game, tied on a piece of string, or to pick up pins and needles. Ferrite magnets have less magnetic strength (due to the hole) but their inexpensive pricing makes them a customer favorite. 8 poles Radial Magnetization Magnetic Ring of Fume Pumping Machine, Outer Diameter 43mm Multipolar Ceramic Ring Magnet

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