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PVC Fridge Rubber Magnet Roll

/PVC Fridge Rubber Magnet Roll
  • PVC Fridge Rubber Magnet Roll

PVC Fridge Rubber Magnet Roll, PVC Fridge Magnet Sheet Roll, Magnetic Rubber Sheller Roll, Printable Magnet Rolls, Magnetic Vinyl Sheeting White Matte, Magnetic Digital Printing Sheet Magnetic Material

PVC Fridge Rubber Magnet Roll Feature:
Part No.: HSFMMR-09
Our Double Sided White Magnetic Sheeting PVC Fridge Rubber Magnet Roll is available by the roll or per metre, and is constructed from Strontium or Barium ferrite powder within a polymer matrix. Standard magnets only have one magnetised surface but what’s different about this product is that it’s magnetic on both sides and allows you to adhere the sheeting onto a ferrous metallic surface while still being able to use magnetic objects on the opposing side.
Flexible magnets are the least expensive by volume and the most pliable permanent magnet material when compared to ceramic (ferrite), alnico or rare earth magnets. They perform well in a wide variety of applications for home, school, shop and office. They are lightweight, flat, easy to print on and easy to cut with scissors, knife or die. They are ideal for advertising specialties, point of purchase signage and lightweight holding applications, to name a few.
Our magnetic sheeting with white vinyl is perfect for your magnetic sign or labeling needs. The white vinyl face can be drawn on with a permanent marker, painted on, screen printed on or stenciled on. We offer our magnetic white vinyl material in 20 mil and 30 mil. Mil is an industry term that represents thousandths of an inch. The higher the mil the thicker and stronger the magnetic sheeting. Each square foot of 20 mil magnet has a 60 lbs pull strength and a square foot of 30 mil magnet has an 85 lbs pull strength.
Our magnetic sheeting Magnetic White Vinyl Rolls is easy to cut with scissors or a utility knife and a straight-edge. The magnet rolls below are 24.375″ wide and can be ordered by 10′ rolls, 50′ rolls or by the foot. If you will be using these as vehicle magnets be sure to purchase the 30 mil material. 20 mil magnetic sheeting is not suitable for any moving application.
Do you need a CUSTOM SIZED MAGNET SHEET WITH WHITE VINYL – Use our custom sized calculator for an instant quote!

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