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Push-Button Magnetic Holder Base

/Push-Button Magnetic Holder Base
  • Push-Button Magnetic Holder Base

Push-Button Magnetic Holder Base, Standard Switchable Magnetic Holder Stand Base, Push-Button Type Holder, Switchable Release Magnets, Light Duty Magnetic Switch Base, On Off Switch Metal Magnetic Base Stand China Supplier

Push-Button Magnetic Holder Base Feature:
Powerful magnet
Screw hold is provided
Many models available for your specific technical needs
Push-button On/Off switch
Strong clamping ensures consistent, highly accurate measurement

The magnetic Push-Button Type Holder is widely used in commonly metalworking and other industrial projects. These magnetic blocks have an push-button On/Off switch and are available in many models of your choice. It has strong magnetism and clamping force for accurate measurements.

Magnetic Holder Stand Base Permanent Magnet Push-Button Switch Magnetic Base is available in a wide range of size from small and medium to large and different style.It can meet various application.Usable as a tacking base for equipment,or a measuring base for the machinery industry,or permanent magnetic lifter for removing the small steel. (By installing jigs in the screw holes,if necessary,with slight additional machining.)
Factory advantage:
1–More than ten years production experence
2–Have more than 20 sets of CNC machine center
3–Made from 100% virgin raw material
4–Eeveryone goods go through strict quality inspection
5– provide OEM service.

Magnetic bases can be one of two varieties: those with lever switches and those with push buttons
Although the ON/OFF for the magnet may vary, the way the system works is still the same.
The magnetic base is made up of four parts: one part non-ferrous metal spacer (metal that does not contain iron), two parts iron and a third part which is the magnet.
In the bored-out centre of the base is a permanent magnet which it has a North and South pole.
The non-ferrous metal spacer, aluminium in this example, sits between two iron sections and has a hole bored through the centre of all three.
The magnet, when it is rotated or pressed, acts as the ON/OFF switch for the magnetic base.
It is the movement of the magnet which magnetises the iron, effectively switching the base on and off.
When the poles of the magnet are lined up with the aluminium spacer, the magnet is OFF.
When the magnet is rotated so the poles line up with the ferrous plates, the magnet is ON.

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Product Range

Modle Size Force Weight
HSAH-B 2.0”x1.8”x2.0” 110LBS 1.5LBS
HSAH-H 1.2”x1.2”x1.2” 40LBS 0.26LBS
HSAH-T 1.5”x1.2”x1.2” 40LBS 0.44LBS
Modle Size(mm) Power Weight
HSAH-B 52x45x50 50Kg 0.7Kg
HSAH-H 30x30x30 18Kg 0.12Kg
HSAH-T 38x30x30 18Kg 0.2Kg
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