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PTFE Stirrer Bar Plain Economy

/PTFE Stirrer Bar Plain Economy
  • PTFE Stirrer Bar Plain Economy

PTFE Stirrer Bar Plain Economy, Teflon Magnetic Stir Bar, Lab Equipment Plain Economy Stirring Bars, Plain Magnetic Stirrer Bar Economical PTFE

PTFE Stirrer Bar – This Plain economy stir bar features an ALNICO V magnetic core which is one of the most powerful permanent magnet alloys available.  A stir bar (also known as a flea, spin bar, stirring bar or stirbar) is a magnetic bar used to stir a liquid mixture or solution, usually in a laboratory.  The stir bar’s motion id driven by a separate rotating magnet or assembly of electromagnets (i.e. coils) located beneath the vessel containing the liquid.

 A general purpose stir bar that provides better mixing than cylindrical stirrers. An Alnico V magnet is encapsulated with a two step process, compression and isostatic encapsulation, to eliminate cracks and porosity. Each stir bar is polished to reduce the potential for contamination.. . . . . .
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Product Range

Part No. L (mm) x D(mm)
TFN-1.2912 12 x 3
TFN-1.2925 25 x 8
TFN-1.294 40 x 8
TFN-1.295 50 x 8
PTFE Stirrer Bar Plain Economy drawing

PTFE Stirrer Bar Plain Economy drawing

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