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PTFE Resin Magnetic Stir Vanes

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  • PTFE Resin Magnetic Stir Vanes

PTFE Resin Magnetic Stir Vanes, Magnetic Wing Stirrers, Spinvane Angled Vane, Half Round Semicircular, Tapered Half Round Semicircular Magnetic Vane Stir Bar, PTFE Stir Bars Wing-style, Test Tube Wings

PTFE resin magnetic stir vanes are designed with molded magnetic bars in center. These special magnetic stir bar vanes permit rotation in small conical tubes. This particular stir bar design ensures thorough sample mixing in laboratory tubes like test tubes and culture tubes. Solid PTFE resin vanes with molded magnetic bars in center.
Permit rotation in small conical tubes. Ensure thorough sample mixing.

The Spinvane Angled Vane, Half Round Semicircular, Tapered Half Round Semicircular, the Spinring Balancing Ring, the Spinfin Finned and Double Finned are popular magnetic stir bar solutions for a variety of mixing needs.

The Spinvane Angled Vane, Half Round Semicircular and Tapered Half Round Semicircular are good for narrow, conical shaped tubes. The Spinring Balancing Ring keeps the stir bar centered, resists spinout and turbulent motion. The Spinfin Finned and the Spinfin Double Finned stirring bars work well in round bottom tubes and flasks.

Prices are for each, but volume pricing is available. HSMAG has a minimum order requirement, so it is important to inquire about volume purchases or to combine orders with the purchase of other equipment.

HSMAG has a large selection of magnetic stir bars for every application, for general magnetic stirring, high temperature stirring, viscous solutions or high speed stirring, abrasive slurries or extended stirring, stirring in large or very small containers and gentle stirring in tissue culture applications.

PTFE covered, Alnico V magnetic core. Smooth surface. For stirring in test tubes, centrifuge tubes and micro vials. The wings can also be cut to size if needed.
Very good chemical resistance
Temperature resistant, suitable for use at high and low temperatures (−200 to +280 °C)

Spinvane Angled Vane Magnetic Stir Bar, PTFE sheathed cross mounted built in Alnico magnets, canted face ideal for narrow conical shaped tubes and sample vials, fits 1 mL,3 ml, 5ml vials.

Spinvane Half Round Magnetic Stir Bar, semi-circular tip, 13.7 mm wide, PTFE coated, Alnico magnet inside, can be used in 16 mm outside diameter round bottom test tubes

Spinvane Half Round Tapered Magnetic Stir Bar, tapered semi-circular tip with narrowed sides, vane can be trimmed to suit individual vials, PTFE construction, Alnico magnet inside, ideal for mixing in conical bottom centrifuge tubes



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Product Range

No. -0001 -0002 -0003 -0004
Description Triangle Half Round Round Tapered Arrow
For Use in Vials 3-5ml Test Tubes 16mm Trim to fit various Various
Part No. Length (mm) Diameter (mm) Tube Inner Diameter (mm)
TFN-1.2201.1 9 5.5 6
TFN-1.2201 22 8 9
TFN-1.2202 16 10 11
TFN-1.2203 10 13 14
TFN-1.2204 20 13 14
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