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Programmable Power Current Source Magnetic Device

/Programmable Power Current Source Magnetic Device
  • Programmable Power Current Source Magnetic Device

DX-F2035 Programmable Power Current Source Magnetic Device

Technical characteristics:

1. Adopt key operation mode, easy to use.

2. High frequency SPWM hardware adjustment technology, fast response speed and stable output.

3. Using bright LED display, the viewing angle is large and clear and eye-catching.

4. Using high-power MOS/IGBT drive, reliable operation, strong overload capacity (instantaneous 300%).

5. It is suitable for various loads such as resistance, inductance and rectification.

6. It has protection functions for multiple abnormal conditions such as overheat, overcurrent, short circuit, output overvoltage, output undervoltage, and output shortage.

7. Abnormal power supply protection, display the corresponding fault code to facilitate users to find the cause of the fault.

8. Communication interface RS-232, RS-485, USB, etc.

9. Unique and quick operation 110V/220V/50HZ/60HZ.

Intelligent programmable frequency conversion power supply programmable function (optional):

1. With parameter memory group function, you can set (voltage, frequency and time) ten groups of continuous test, cycle test or single step test.

Continuous testing: Multiple groups of sequential tests do not cycle, and each group can set the corresponding running time.

Cyclic test: multiple groups of cyclic tests, each group can set the corresponding running time.

Single-step test: a single group runs the test, and the running time can be set.

2. The power supply output voltage overvoltage value and output current overcurrent value can be arbitrarily set to adapt to different loads.

3. It has a communication interface, which can realize the remote control of the power supply, and the baud rate can reach 9600.

Interface mode: RS232, RS485 and USB interface. Programmable Power Current Source Magnetic Device

Communication protocol: general power supply protocol and industry standard control MODBUS protocol.

4. The power output voltage rise rate can be set.
Product model: AC11-500VA
Capacity: 500VA
Input power: 220V±10% AC
Input frequency: 50/60Hz±5Hz
Output voltage: low grade: 1.0~150.0V; high grade: 150.1V~300.0V
Output frequency: Frequency modulation: 45Hz~400Hz Fixed frequency: 50Hz, 60Hz, 400Hz
Output waveform: standard sine waveform
Frequency stability: ≤0.01%
Voltage stability: ≤1%
Waveform distortion: ≤2% (resistive load)
Crest factor: 3:1
Source voltage effect: ≤1%
Load effect: ≤1%
Efficiency: ≥85%
Load type: no load type limit (resistance, inductance, capacitance, rectification can be)
Display mode: frequency, voltage, current, power four digital tube display
Preset function: output voltage, output frequency, output voltage up and down floating percentage preset
Shortcut function: common voltage, frequency conversion, output voltage up and down selection
Protection function:
Overload, overcurrent, overvoltage, overheat, short circuit and other protection, after the protection device is activated, it sends out an alarm signal and displays the fault code
Overload capacity:
1.0Ie< I output≤1.1Ie, cut off the output after 15s delay
1.1Ie≤I output≤1.2Ie, cut off output after 5s delay
External communication interface (optional): RS-232
Shell protection grade: IP20
Operating environment: temperature: -10℃~40℃ humidity: 10%~90% (25℃ without condensation), altitude ≤2000m
Dimensions (W*H*D): 460*1360*435mm height including machine feet

Operation notes

1. After confirming that the input voltage is correct, connect the input line.

2. Turn on the input switch for 30 seconds to 60 seconds and then start the machine.

3. When debugging the voltage and frequency, please turn off the output switch, wait for the voltage and frequency required for debugging the load, and then turn on the output switch to start the load.

4. Do not switch the frequency and voltage during use with load. If you need to switch, please turn off the load and voltage output switch first.

5. When shutting down, please turn off in the following order: turn off the load-turn off the machine output-press the reset button of the power supply-turn off the input switch-and then cut off the power supply.

6. If the operation is not in accordance with the rules, or the machine is disassembled without the permission of the manufacturer, the instrument will fail, the company will not guarantee it.Programmable Power Current Source Magnetic Device


1. Professional (EMI/EMC/Safety) laboratories use standard power supplies; manufacturers (quality assurance/regulation/life test) and other units use;

2. Excellent power supply for R&D unit; special power supply for switched-mode power supply testing; various electrical products, motors, air conditioners, household appliances and other electronic product testing;

3. Testing of photocopiers, scanners, OA products; testing of transformers/TRIAC/SCR.. and other parts;

4. [400Hz] Communication equipment; airport equipment; special power supply for aerospace industry, ship and missile equipment; military equipment and other specific neighborhoods.

programmable dc current source

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