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Pro Fingerless Magnetic Glove

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Pro Fingerless Magnetic Glove, Glove magnetic, magnetic fingerless glove, Magnogrip Magnetic Gloves, Fingerless Medium Fit Magnetic Glove Black Fabric with 4-way stretch Spandex

Pro Fingerless Magnetic Glove Part No.: HSMGOV-01
Magnetic Glove, available in medium, large and extra large
– Ideal for holding nails, screws, nuts, bolts and drill bits –

Part No.: HSMGOV-01-a
Material Ferrite
Length 17,5 cm
Width 10,8 cm
Thickness 4 cm
Weight 110 g

Part No.: HSMGOV-01-b
Material Ferrite
Length 18 cm
Width 11,2 cm
Thickness 4 cm
Weight 110 g
Warning: keep away from magnetic sensitive devices

Our Magnetic Glove allows you to store metal parts and fasteners on the back of your hand while working. The index finger is embedded with a small magnet for use as a pick-up tool. No more digging in your pockets for screws or keeping nails in your mouth. Designed to be Gloves First, our Magnetic Glove delivers superior protection and performance in a comfortable and secure fit. The palm material is enabled with Touch-Screen Technology for operating smart phones and tablets.
Our proprietary Maximum Feel fingertip design allows for pick-up of small items without removing glove.

Use our Magnetic Glove to conveniently store fasteners on your hand for easy access while you work. Ideal for holding nails, screws, nuts, bolts and drill bits. Work on projects without the frustration of losing your tools or patience.

Product features:
Powerful magnet in back of glove for storing metal parts and fasteners
Magnetic fingertip for pick-up of small parts and fasteners in tight spaces
Touch-screen technology allows use of smart phone or tablet without removing glove
Neoprene around wrist and knuckles for a comfortable and secure fit
4-way stretch spandex back for snug fit
Adjustable wrist strap and natural pull tab for pulling gloves on and off
Reinforced palm with non-slip grip
Hand wash and hang dry

Latex gloves are the best choice if you are going to remove someone’s appendix and gardening gloves when handling barbed wire. For everything in between, you have Magnogrip magnetic gloves. And we mean everything.

To begin with: The back of the hand contain a pair of powerful magnetic plates. You can use Magnogrip gloves to hold nails that you don’t want to lose. The index fingers also contain a couple of smaller magnets and smartphone surfaces, so you can control your tablet and phone with your gloves on. Because they are so smooth you never actually need to take them off, no matter what you’re working with: This entire text was written with the Magnogrip gloves on …

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