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Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Magnet Rolls

/Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Magnet Rolls
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Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Magnet Rolls, Self Adhesive Magnetic Sheet Rolls, Flexible Magnetic Rolls with Pressure Sensitive Adhesives, Self Adhesive Magnet Rolls, Flexible Magnetic Rolls Acrylic P.S. Adhesive

Rubber Magnet Sheet Adhesive Magnet Rolls Feature:
Part No.: HSFMMR-03
Pressure sensitive adhesive magnet rolls let you print-and-stick. Simply print your own sheet using any printer or copier, peel the liner on the magnet, and stick your printed sheet to the adhesive below. Magnetic Sheeting Rolls are ideal for advertising specialties.

Adhesive Choices Typical Use:

  • Indoor (Rubber Based) Indoor and craft applications -Print image, then laminate to magnet.
  • Premium Indoor (Rubber Based) Indoor applications – Higher tack adhesive for rougher surface textures
  • Acrylic-Based Adhesive – Indoor and outdoor applications or adhering to plastics and vinyls
Thickness Pull / Sq. Ft. Typical Uses Benefits
12 Mil 30 lbs. Advertising Specialties Low cost, light-weight
15 Mil 40 lbs. Advertising Specialties Low cost, light-weight
20 Mil 60 lbs. Advertising Specialties Low cost, light-weight
30 Mil 85 lbs. Vehicle Signage Won’t blow off vehicles at highway speeds
60 Mil 145 lbs. Crafts, shelf labeling, indoor/ outdoor signs High-strength, thicker profile

Note: Peel strength not rated.

Uncoated Flexible Magnetic Rolls – Extra strong printable magnetic, this is the magnetic material we use for making outdoor signs, magnetic car door signs and is used to keep refrigerator doors shut. Very strong. Full rolls supplied.
Used for Screenprinting, Signage, Whiteboard manufacturers, eBay wholesalers, Promotion companies, Specials, Holding papers in Offices, Menu systems, priority work boards and lots more. Great for use on Factory schedule boards, changing orders etc. Many clients apply printed numbers, words etc and place onto pallet racking. Extra height allows isle end signs to be easily changed depending on storage for that month. Example> GM Spare parts Dandenong use at the end of pallets for ever changing parts and stock levels. See other Dandenong Signs

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