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CS580 Precision Current Source

The Model CS580 Voltage Controlled Current Source creates new capabilities for researchers needing an ultra-low noise current source in a flexible, easy to use instrument. The CS580 is a natural companion with sensitive AC instruments such as lock-in amplifiers, providing an easy way of generating precision current directly from an AC or DC control voltage. The instrument sources and sinks current and has an adjustable compliance voltage of up to ±50 V, giving full “four-quadrant” performance. The CS580 is a welcome addition to any research lab studying semiconductors and transport phenomena, superconductivity, and nanotechnology, to name just a few.

Ultra-Low Noise Design

With up to ±50 V compliance voltage, the CS580 can source and sink precision AC and DC currents from 100 fA to 100 mA. The CS580’s ultra-low noise design takes advantage of the best transistors, op-amps, and discrete components available combined with careful high impedance board layout to achieve the highest performance possible. The design even features linear power supplies rather than switching power supplies, so switching frequency interference can never be a problem.

An actively driven guard provides the greatest bandwidth (up to 200 kHz) and lowest possible leakage current. There’s also a buffered monitor output for high impedance voltage measurements. Click here for load configuration examples.

CPU Clock Stopping Architecture

Front-panel instrument configuration is managed by a microcontroller whose system clock only oscillates during the brief moments needed to change instrument settings. The drive electronics are completely static, with no “scanning” or refresh to generate the slightest interference.

Whenever the microcontroller becomes active, the “CPU Activity” indicator illuminates, clearly showing when the digital clock is running. This occurs in response to front-panel button presses or remote computer commands. But when the microcontroller is not active, there is absolutely no digital interference at all.

RS-232 and Optical Fiber Interfaces

There is an RS-232 computer interface on the rear panel of the CS580. All functions of the instrument can be set or read via the interface. When sending commands to the instrument, the CS580’s microcontroller will be activated, and digital noise may be present.

Output current: -55mA-+55mADC
Resolution: 1μA
High accuracy: 0.05%
Low noise: 5μA RMS @50mA
High stability: <0.01%@50Ma
High output impedance: 500MΩ
Effective output voltage range: ±20.5V
High cost performance and low measuring cost
Output current:
·Output range: -55mA-+55mADC (full range mode)
4-20mA (electric current loop mode)
·Step: 1μA/55000.00μA
Accuracy: ±( 0.05% of setting value +1μA)
Noise/Ripple: 5μA RMS Typical Value @50mA
Stability better than ±0.01%@50mA
Quadrant relation: relay reversing I, III quadrant output

Output voltage
·Range of effective output voltage 0V-20.5V DC
·Open circuit output voltage: 22.2V ±0.2V

Output power
Max. output power: >1W

Load protection
Output state switching

Load adaptability
Output impedance: 500MΩ
Output makes up to network

Interaction capability
·Blue backlight FSTN LCD display
·8 keys interactive function keyboard operation matched display

Standard specification
·Offer manual for users
·Small size desk type instrument

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