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Precise Micro Samarium Cobalt Arc Magnets

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  • Precise Micro Samarium Cobalt Arc Magnets

Precise Micro Samarium Cobalt Arc Magnets, Miniature Motor Magnets, Precise Micro Mini Segment Magnet, Sintered SmCo Micro Arc Magnet, Precision Tiny Magnets, Rare Earth Permanent Magnet China Factory

Precise Micro Samarium Cobalt Arc Magnets Parameter
Material Sm2Co17 / Sm1Co5
Dimension customized size by drawing +/-0.0025mm
Coating uncoated
Magnetized Diametrically Axially
Min. order quantity: 10,000pcs

We specialise also in thin-walled and slot-opening miniature ring magnet through laser incising, drilling and processing SmCo material. Serial products of SmCo ring magnets, precious stone bearings, etc. are widely applied in fields of miniature motor, optical communication, instrument and meter, watch, electro acoustic, etc. The products are exported to the countries and areas of Switzerland, Germany, Hong Kong, etc. and win favor at home and broad.

(1)Sintered SmCo Permanent Magnetic Materials have the character of brittleness, lacking of the ductility; So it isn’t suitable for using as structural part when being designed. The Physical Specifications of SmCo(1:5) is better than SmCo(2:17) because SmCo(1:5)is easy to machine while SmCo(2:17) is more brittle. SmCo permanent magnet magnetized must be picked up carefully during process of assembling, avoiding ironware to prevent absorbing mutually and the magnets broke off, or two slices of magnetic irons cause damage resulted in absorbing together. Besides, it will even cause body-hurt.
(2)Sintered SmCo permanent magnetic materials would make some slight collision in the process of producing, packing and delivering. So there may be have some visual flaw owing to a bit small horn. However, it wouldn’t damage its magnetic specifications. Its stability and its anti-degenerated magnetic ability as long as its flaw doesn’t affect normal construction or functions.
(3)Clients who require non-magnetized SmCo permanent magnet must be acquaint with self-magnet equipments for the purpose of completely satiate and magnetize our products or codes.
(4)If the designed products are in sour alkali or worse applying environments. Our company may provide products of Zn, Ni, Gold or wreath oxygen plated. We feel very graceful for your applications. Welcome to fax or make email consultation. We are pleased to help you with all problems of the techniques. We all work hard trying to provide you SmCo permanent magnetic materials with top-quality and low-price.

Our micro magnets for cylinders with tiny hole or without hole are appreciated by our customers for their quality and regularity.
The machines we use allow us to work both with a static shaping process and with a continuous flow technique according to the sizes required. Our working tools are diamond grinding wheel of different types and grain according to the piece and to the work to carry out, and the roughness of the surfaces are comprised between Ra of 0.2μ and 0.5μ.

Micro precision magnets are widely used in watches, digital cameras, micro sensors, etc. They can be made out of Neodymium Iron Boron, SmCo, AlNiCo or Ferrite. Our specialty is thin-walled and slot-opening miniature ring magnet through laster incising, drilling and processing SmCo, NdFeb and Ferrite magnet materials. Now our annual output of Micro Magnets has reached 72,000,000pcs per year. Our high precision magnets tolerance can reach up to +/-0.0050mm (+/-0.000196 inch). Rare Earth SmCo Round Micro Magnets

Micro motors, watch rotor, sensors, optical isolators, camera rotors, medical devices.

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