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Precast Concrete Formwork Construction Shuttering Magnet 1500KGS

/Precast Concrete Formwork Construction Shuttering Magnet 1500KGS
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Precast Concrete Formwork Construction Shuttering Magnet 1500KGS – Precast concrete magnets are a useful and a high tech method of fixing formwork to the casting bed. They are made from rare earth materials, which give higher pull off strengths than other magnet materials. The magnets are designed so that the magnetic portion is layered with steel to spread the magnetic flux and thereby increase the contact area. Housings then surround the magnet to protect against damage, or the steel may be used to bolt a housing to the magnet. Care should be taken when using the magnet to ensure the base is clean and free from debris. This debris causes a loss of strength due to a large air gap forming between the magnet and the bed.

There are many Shuttering Magnet types available.

•A quality magnet system.
•Lower maintenance.
•Stronger adhesive force 1500kg .
•Push button down to attach. Lever button up to release.
•Shuttering magnet 1500kg is a popular choice.
•Multipurpose pressure plates available.
•The magnet is made ready for positioning by the integrated shuttering magnet feet technology which raises the magnet off the casting bed.
•Easy and precise positioning of the magnet.
•Setting of the magnet is by hand pressure.
•Longer life expectancy.
•shuttering magnet is easily removed. Lift the handle and the magnet springs off the casting bed
•Excellent range of accessories for any formwork arrangement

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HSMAG’s prefabricated component magnet system is a magnetic fixture specifically developed for the fabrication of steel molds for precast concrete. The use of super-permanent magnet neodymium iron boron-based materials, together with screws, iron or stainless steel and other materials through a reasonable magnetic circuit design, cartridge and side mold products to meet customer demand suction, and the weight of the product itself The range is 2-7.8 KG. At the same time taking into account the simplicity of the operation, the product has a convenient switch button; you can make the template to achieve accurate positioning, safe and secure easy disassembly.  Precast Concrete Shuttering Magnet 1350KGS

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Product Range



Item. HS-STM-1500 Specification

1500 kgs adhesive force:

L= 320mm
B= 90mm
H1= 20mm (Box)
H2= 69mm (Magnet Activated)
H3= 79mm (Magnet Deactivated)

Item No. L(mm)
W(mm) H(mm) Weight(kg) Force(kg)
HS-STM-450 170 60 40 1.8 450
HS-STM-600 170 60 40 2.5 600
HS-STM-650 280 60 40 2.3 650
HS-STM-900 280 60 40 3.0 900
HS-STM-1350 320 90 60 6.2 1350
HS-STM-1500 320 90 60 6.6 1500
HS-STM-1800 320 120 60 7.2 1800
HS-STM-2100 320 120 60 7.5 2100
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