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Powerful Performance Small Ring Ultimate Magnets Ф8.0*Ф7.0*3.0mm

/Powerful Performance Small Ring Ultimate Magnets Ф8.0*Ф7.0*3.0mm
  • Ultimate Ring Precision NdFeB Magnets

Powerful Performance Small Ring Ultimate Magnets Ф8.0*Ф7.0*3.0mm N38, High Precise Tiny Magnet, Neodymium Iron Boron Micro Ring Magnets, sintered NdFeB Ultimate Magnets China Supplier

Powerful Performance Small Ring Ultimate Magnets Dimension Ф8.0*Ф7.0*3.0mm, Zinc coating, Shape ring, Grade N38

The Ultimate Magnets! Neodymium Iron Boron (NdFeB) is used to manufacture the most powerful magnets per unit volume that are commercially available today.

The standard dimensional tolerance for the majority of permanent magnets is +/-0.1mm. The best dimensional tolerance usually available is +/-0.05mm (on rare occasions +/-0.04mm is possible) but the improved tolerance carries an additional cost. These tolerances apply for low and high quantity magnets. For larger magnets +/-0.1mm tolerances may be perfectly acceptable but for very small magnets this could be more problematic particularly in sensitive applications such as, for example, sensors (as size variations may cause a variation in magnetic output from magnet to magnet).

However, we are now able to offer Precision NdFeB Magnets with tolerances better than +/-0.05mm through an improved production process. These Precision Magnets are only available in small sizes and are only available in minimum order quantities – typically 100,000 magnets is the minimum order quantity (MOQ). As the factory is streamlined for mass production (batch quantities in millions of magnets per month), we may have to charge for samples (there may also be a MOQ on samples).

The magnet material, shape, size and magnetisation pattern will affect how accurately the magnets can be produced. The best tolerances we can offer is down to +/-0.005mm. That is down to 1/20th of the standard tolerance – hence our calling it Precision Magnetics. The tighter the tolerance on the Precision NdFeB Magnet, the higher will be the cost. High Precise Micro Circular Disc Magnets

If you need ring magnets of different dimensions and/or with specific countersunk requirements, please get in touch.

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