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Powerful Neodymium Two-Ways Treasure Salvage Magnets

/Powerful Neodymium Two-Ways Treasure Salvage Magnets
  • Powerful Neodymium Two-Ways Treasure Salvage Magnet

Powerful Neodymium Two-Ways Treasure Salvage Magnets, Double Sided Permanent Treasure Salvage Magnets, Two-Ways NdFeB Search Magnet, Retrieving and Holding Magnets

Treasure Salvage Magnets – These are double sided permanent treasure salvage recovery magnets with 100-600kg pull power for each side.
Lost any KEYS or a Weapon down a drain or overboard on a boat ! great for finding them. Treasure Hunting etc. All you will need is a STRONG rope.
Treasure Salvage strong magnet was made of NdFeB with Tings, appearance does not rust, usually placed in room temperature, the maximum operating temperature is 80 ° C , and it never will demagnetization.

◆ With galvanized body
◆ Magnet material: NdFeB
◆ Magnet shape: ring
◆ Magnet coating: nickel
◆ Magnet quantity: 2 pieces
◆ Max. work temperature: +80℃

1. Relic hunting magnets should Keep away from Ironware and some easily magnetized iron products, such as monitors, bank cards, computers, televisions, mobile phones and other
2. Strong magnets should be stored in a dry, heated environment, and need to use of plastic, wood, cardboard, foam to separated and wrapped.
3. Magnets might be interested in water meter ,Electric meter, gas meter and some metering equipment exist some inaccurate affect (Such as : if magnets placed near the meter, the meter will slow down)

HSMAG has a range of Holding magnets that are also practical and fun tools for both retrieval purposes and for those who enjoy magnetic “fishing”. This pastime has recently grown in popularity worldwide and requires a rope, preferably nylon and of significant length, to be attached to the eyelet. The magnet is then used to drag the depths of lakes, ponds, dams, rivers or creeks in order to attract and recover metal objects which, if not valuable, maybe at least of historical interest. This unusual hobby has the added benefit of decontaminating polluted waterways that have been previously regarded by ill-informed citizens as dumping grounds for broken or unwanted metallic household items. Improving the environment and aquatic conditions for local marine life is an inspiring consequence of this interesting pastime that can have environmental and sometimes financial benefits. This product includes two Stainless Steel M10 Eyelets that make it easy to cast and retrieve the magnet. Attaching two ropes also helps to negotiate snags that lie beneath the surface.

Custom Design Super Strong NdFeB Two-Sides Search Permanent Magnets available. Please contact us by E-mail us or call 86-574-27667267 for any size and design you need.

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Product Range




Item No. Sizes(mm) Break Force (kg) Dead Weight (kg)
HSPNS-F100*2 48 22 8 100*2 0.34
HSPNS-F120*2 60 30 8 120*2 0.64
HSPNS-F200*2 75 32 10 200*2 1.06
HSPNS-F300*2 94 40 10 300*2 2.05
HSPNS-F400*2 116 40 10 400*2 3.10
HSPNS-F600*2 136 40 12 600*2 4.38
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