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Powerful Magnetic V-block

/Powerful Magnetic V-block
  • Powerful Magnetic V-block

Powerful Magnetic V-block, Precision Magnetic V-block, V-shaped Magnetic Rectangular Blocks, Magnetic Transfer V-Block, Magnetic Vee Block China Supplier

Precision Non-magnetic V-block Feature:
Part No: HSKMV-50B ~ HSKMV-125B
Powerful magnetic force functions on the top side (V), and rear side
With on/off switch
One set consists of two blocks
A wide variety of modelsare available to suit your applications

The Magnetic V-Block is widely used in metalworking or other fields such as optics. These magnetic blocks have an On/Off switch and are available in sets of two blocks. The Magnetic V-Block has magnetic force function on its top (V-side) and rear side. You can pick from a wide variety of models according to your specific needs.

Accuracy for Squareness Flatness & Parallelism within 5 micron. ‘V’ Blocks are required for Quality Control, Tool Room and Standard Room. Magnetic ‘V’ Blocks have high magnetic pull, hence they can be used fro drilling and grinding (both wet and dry) and even for light milling work. The ‘V’ Block has a total three magnetic surfaces. Top and Bottom with 90 ‘V’ angle and end surface opposite to switch. All three magnetic surfaces and the two sides are carefully ground. Their accuracy for flatness, parallelism and squareness is within 0.005 mm for 2″, 3″, 4″ & 6″ ‘V’ Blocks. When turned “ON” all three magnetic surfaces are activated Simultaneously. The permanent magnet holds the work firmly in the ‘V’ and if the block rests on a magnetically conductive surface, it is held firmly to this surface. The magnetic pull is constant and will not decrease eveb after long use. The magnetic system being shielded from penetration of moisture, cannot be damaged by coolants or other fluids.

V-Blocks are precision metalworking jigs typically used to hold round metal rods or pipes for performing drilling or milling operations. They consist of a rectangular steel or cast iron block with a 90-degree channel rotated 45-degrees from the sides, forming a V-shaped channel in the top. A small groove is cut in the bottom of the “V”. They often come with screw clamps to hold the work. There are also versions with internal magnets for magnetic work-holding. V-blocks are usually sold in pairs.
These ‘V’ blocks have been specially built for applications where heavy inspections are involved.
Leakproof Magnetic V Block, Magnetic Rectangular Blocks, Magnetic Holder, V Block with Clamp Its Advantages are as below:
1) Inspection area contains carbide tips so that, we get better life in the big ‘V’.
2) Efficiency of inspection increases considerably due to carbide in the Big ‘V’ over normal H.S.S ‘V’ blocks.
3) Accuracy is maintained for a longer period of time.
Magnetic V Block are useful for securely holding work pieces for inspection and light cutting operations. They can also be used for marking of round objects and measuring to different shapes.
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Product Range

Code Size Filling Power Force Weight
HSKMV-50B 2.756×1.575×1.968 Black Resin 33.07 2.20×2pcs
HSKMV-80B 3.937×1.968×3.149 Black Resin 44.09 6.61×2pcs
HSKMV-125B 5.905×1.968×3.937 Black Resin 50.70 11.02×2pcs
HSKMV-50B 2.756×1.575×1.968 Copper 33.07 2.20×2pcs
HSKMV-80B 3.937×1.968×3.149 Copper 44.09 6.61×2pcs
HSKMV-125B 5.905×1.968×3.937 Copper 50.70 11.02×2pcs
Code Size Filling Power Force Weight
HSKMV-50B 70×40×50 Black   Resin 15 1×2pcs
HSKMV-80B 100×50×80 Black   Resin 20 3×2pcs
HSKMV-125B  150×50×100 Black   Resin 23 5×2pcs
HSKMV-50B 70×40×50 Copper 15 1×2pcs
HSKMV-80B 100×50×80 Copper 20 3×2pcs
HSKMV-125B 150×50×100 Copper 23 5×2pcs
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