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Poster Frame Mount Magnet

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Poster Frame Mount Magnet, Sandwich Magnet System for Poster Frame, pivoting angle square poster frame holding magnet, Ferrite Ceiling Magnets with Plastic Casing White, Magnetic Clamping Holding Assemblies

Poster Frame Mount Magnet Technical Data
Material Ferrite
strength approx. 10 kg (approx. 98,1 N)
Length 34 mm
Width 29 mm
Height 38,5 mm
Opening for poster frame 8,5 mm
Made in China
Weight 36 g

Ferrite magnet system in plastic housing, with adjustable adapter, 180° pivoting angle
features and tips
The special sandwich construction substantially enhances the adhesive force of the embedded ferrite magnets (compared to regular ferrite magnets).

This high-quality ferrite magnet holder for poster frames features a solid plastic housing and a sturdy 180° swivelling adapter, which allows for easy and flexible positioning of poster frames.
Ideal for retail and warehouse use to attach poster frames to shelves without drilling and screws.
Outdoor use may lead to surface rust on individual parts, which does not impair the function, however.

The magnetic hooks are ceiling magnets made of plastic housing that is painted white or an other colour and fitted with a steel hook, groove or hanging eye. The ceiling magnets are extra strong due to the plastic shell. square ferrite sandwich magnet with loop

Magnetic hooks, or hook magnets, are primarily used for hanging or holding a variety of objects such as lights, kitchen utensils, keys, chains, outerwear, signs, cables, tools and wires. With load capacities ranging from 35 to 90 lbs, magnetic hooks can even be used to hang or hold even heavy items like tool belts. They can be used in any room in the house, in indoor and outdoor work areas and in offices. (For outdoor use, keep magnetic hooks away from water or humidity, or use ceramic magnetic hooks.) The hooks can attach to any smooth metal surface, making them ideal to attach to refrigerators or steel bars. Magnetic hooks come in a variety of designs.

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