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Portable Permanent Magnetic Lifter

/Portable Permanent Magnetic Lifter
  • portable permanent magnetic lifter

Portable Permanent Magnetic Lifter, Magnetic Steel Plate Lifter, Portable Permanent Lifting Magnet, Portable Steel Plate Magnetic Lifter, Magnetic Sheet Metal Lifters, Portable Hand Held Magnetic Plate Lifter

Portable Permanent Magnetic Lifter Technology Data:

Part No: HS-LS3
Dimension: Length 148mm X Width 158mm X Height 25mm
Rated Lifting Capacity: 30 KG
Test Max Pull off Force: 105 KG
Weight: 1.3 KG

Portable Permanent Magnetic Lifter Feature:

1.It must be used within the allowed weight(10-30kg), overload is prohibited to avoid accidents.
2.The allowed temperature for this product is under 80 degree, otherwise it will cause the demagnetization of the magnet.
3.Please keep the magnetic plate lifters on the steel plate or other magnetic conductive material thus can extend the usage life.
4.Keep the magnetic bottom of lifters clean and flat. During transportation and use, the lifters should be prevented from being knocked and damaged so as not to affect the its performance.
5.When carrying the big and long material, the Portable Permanent Magnetic Lifter should be put at gravity centre of the being carried material.
6.If the material weight is close to its maximum magnetic force or lifting the long and thin steel plates, you’d better wait for a second to make it absorb firmly.
7.After using one year the magnetic plate lifters should be tested to get its new magnetic force to assure the safety.
8.The Portable Permanent Magnetic Lifter is not workable with non-magnetic conductive material.

Used for transporting steel sheets horizontally and vertically, lifting plates from racks, pulling steel sheets out of shelving.

This Portable Magnetic Lifter has a length of 158mm, a width of 148mm and a 67mm height. This Magnetic Lifter has a capacity of 30Kg lift with 3:1 safety factor.

Uses for our portable magnetic lifter:

Lock and load was a term first used in the Second World War. A commander readying his troops for imminent enemy contact would issue the order, ‘Lock and load’, meaning to ready a weapon for firing. Since that time however it has gained widespread use and has come to mean getting ready for just about anything.

If you ask your opponent during a game of scrabble whether they would like another beverage and they answer, ‘Lock and load’ to indicate in the affirmative, you will know this expression has probably reached saturation point and in fact does not mean anything anymore.

However, lock and load is probably not a bad expression to use in relation to these magnetic lifters. At only two kilos in weight these devices pack a pretty good punch at a thirty kilogram lift capacity.

LOCK. The handle has three positions. Two handle positions lock or engage the load. The third position, indicated by the off sign, releases the load. The two lock positions, perpendicular and horizontal, lock onto the steel goods to drag, lift or carry.

LOAD. With the handle extended down in one of the two lock and load positions, sheets of steel can carried vertically, between the arm and the hip, in order to move through a narrow corridor. Alternatively, steel goods can be locked and the weight loaded through these magnetic lifters with the handle in the upright or perpendicular position and materials carried on the flat.

Useful for a variety of applications such as moving sheet steel from stacks, or moving metal dies & parts from point to point. This combination of powerful Rare Earth Magnets & lightweight construction makes this an ideal solution to many workshop applications. Simple to operate with lever action quick release function, just place unit on the steel job, then simply Grab ‘n’ Lift.

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Product Range



Part No. Rated Lifting Capacity(KG) Test Max Pull off Force (kg) Length(mm) Width (mm) Height (mm) Weight (kg)
HS-HML 50 150 140 180 28 1.8
HS-LS3 30 105 148 158 25 1.3
HS-PKL 50 170 100 124 270 (inclued handle) 2.7





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