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Portable Magnetic Lifter

/Portable Magnetic Lifter
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Portable Magnetic Lifter, Portable Permanent Magnetic Lifter, Magnetic Steel Plate Lifter, Portable Lifting Magnet, Portable Steel Plate Magnetic Lifter, Portable Hand Held Magnetic Plate Lifter

Portable Magnetic Lifter Technology Data:

Part No: HS-HML
Dimension: Length 140mm X Width 180mm X Height 28mm
Rated Lifting Capacity: 50 KG
Test Max Pull off Force: 150 KG
Weight: 1.8 KG

Portable Magnetic Lifter is an ideal tool for easy plate lift and drag.
1. Portable Permanent Magnetic Lifter is suitable for carrying steel plate or steel block about 10-30kg.
2. With the material of Neodyminum magnet, the magnetic force is very strong.
3. Single hand operation and it is very convenient that the magnetic lifter will separate from the workpiece once you push down the handle quickly.
4. It is possible that several people use several pieces together.
5. The Portable magnetic lifter is an ideal tool for plate lifting and dragging.

The type one magnetic sheet metal lifters from Ningbo HangSeng Magnetech are engineered with a permanent magnet that is houses in a small and compact unit. These units are ideally used for applications concerning moving and carrying small or difficultly handled metals parts like an oiled sheet, machining sheet, and the like.

Portable Permanent Lifting Magnet has strong magnetic path composed of NdFeB permanent magnetic material with high performance ferromagnetic system. The handle’s movement changes the magnetic force On and Off…There is a steel ring on top of the magnetic lifter for hoisting objects, and the series A lifting also have a V-shaped groove at the bottom for holding cylindrical objects. Because of the Permanent Magnetic Lifters have many excellence. For example, Lightly and ingeniously structured, easy for application, strong magnetic Attraction power and safe in handling. So the Permanent Magnetic Lifters are the most ideal lifting tool for factories, docks, warehouses and transportation.


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Product Range

Part No. Rated Lifting Capacity(KG) Test Max Pull off Force (kg) Length(mm) Width (mm) Height (mm) Weight (kg)
HS-HML 50 150 140 180 28 1.8
HS-LS3 30 105 148 158 25 1.3
HS-PKL 50 170 100 124 270 (inclued handle) 2.7




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