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Portable Electric Magnetic Door Lock with LED

/Portable Electric Magnetic Door Lock with LED
  • portable electric magnetic door lock with led

Portable Electric Magnetic Door Lock with LED, 180kg Single Door Magnetic Lock (Portable), 350lbs Single Door Electromagnetic lock with LED, Recessed Mag Lock, Electromagnetic “mag” Lock, Delayed Egress Mag Lock, LED Electromagnetic Single Door Lock

Electric Magnetic Door Lock with LED Technical Parameter:
Part No.: HS-EML-180HL
Size 210Lx26.5Wx36H(mm)
Input Voltage DC12V or DC24V
Current 12V/ 400mA ; 24V/ 200mA
Holding Force 180kg(350Lbs)
Signal Output Lock signal(NO/COM)
LED Red shows locked ;Green shows unlocked
Operating Temp -10~+55℃
Weight 1.5KG

Magnetic Lock Advantages:
IP-68 waterproof design, for indoor or outdoor use
Dual Voltage 12V/24V DC (optional)
With LED indicator for door status and lock signal output contact
With integrated design, the anti-impact strength is three times higher than the traditional one
The speed of installation is three times faster than the traditional one
Patented product, counterfeiting is not permitted.

Quality Guarantee

Warranty Service will be honored if the damage is not caused by human, HSMAG Provides 3 years warranty for relative products. On the contrary, HSMAG will charge extra if repair. More information, please browse our service center.


HSMAG INC. retains right to modify the specification of products, and for parameters amendment of products, we will not inform in advance. The relative pictures are not allowed to used in any other way without the consent of HSMAG INC. Meanwhile, we reserved all the rights of law for any tangle.

Application modes

For safety purposes, electric locks and electric strikes can be designed to operate in one of two modes:
Fail-safe – to protect people: The lock is released if power cuts off.
Fail-secure (also known as non fail safe) – to protect property: The lock remains closed if power cuts off. This type of lock has a cylinder, similar to those found in conventional locks. The cylinder makes it possible for the lock to remain secure, even if the power supply is cut off.
An electromagnet lock is ONLY Fail-Safe, so it must satisfy applicable fire regulations so as to be safe in emergency situations.

We can manufacture and supply Magnetic Lock according to your requirements, More types of Magnetic Lock, please contact us !

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