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Polymer Bonded NdFeB Magnets

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Polymer Bonded NdFeB Magnets, Permanent Polymer Bonded Neodymium Magnets, Plastic Compression Bonded NdFeB Magnets, Compression Bonding NdFeB China Factory

Polymer Bonded NdFeB Magnets Feature:
Part No.: BNMPC-03
Type: Permanent
Composite: Neodymium Magnet
Size: Custom
Application: Motors, Devices, Printers, Sensors, CD/DVD ROM and so on.
Packing: cartons / pallets
Delivery Date: 10-18 days
Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China (Mainland)
Means of Transport: Ocean, Air
Production Capacity: 10,000 pc per day

Generally, the bonded NdFeB magnet is produced by molding compression of the compound NdFeB alloy powder with epoxy resin, also it can be made by injection or extrusion from NdFeB alloy powder mixed with plastic. The characteristics are as follows:

1,Higher Magnet Property: the magnet property of bonded NdFeB magnet is between that of sintered NdFeB and ferrite, and with good consistency and stability.
2,Large Freeness of Product Shapes and High Precision of Dimension: the magnet shape and dimension are decided by the tooling, like ring, segment, block, etc., without further sintering and mechanical machining processes.
3,Good Corrosion Resistance: after electrodeposited or through other special treatments, it can be used under normal or unfavorable environment conditions for a long time.
4,Diverse magnetization: Multi-pole magnetization and screw angle magnetization are available, and the field distribution could be square, sinusoid and so on.
5,It has high production efficiency, suitable for mass production.The bonded NdFeB magnet is mainly used for all kinds of micro–miniature motors, such as spindle motor, stepping motor, synchronous motor, DC motor and brushless DC motor. It can replace sintered NdFeB magnet and ferrite, making motor assembling simpler and more reliable, reducing costs and improving efficiency.

polymer bonded ndfeb magents

The factory has over 15 years experience on manufacturing and technology on the polymer bonded ndfeb magents. With its own molding workshop, the factory can accomplish entire production process in-house from molding design, manufacturing and maintenance. The plant has obtained automatic production with rigorous Japanese-type management and precise equipments imported.

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Product Range


The performance of Polymer bonded ndfeb magnets

Br (mT) 450-510 590-650 620-670 620-66 650-700 680-720 700-740 730-770
Br (Gs) 4500-5100 5900-6500 6200-6700 6200-6600 6500-4000 6800-7200 7000-7400 7300-7700
Hcb(kA/m) 199-263 302-374 390-454 405-470 421-484 413-477 430-493 366-430
Hcb(kOe) 2.5-3.3 3.8-4.7 4.9-5.7 5.1-5.9 5.3-6.1 5.2-6.0 5.4-6.2 4.6-5.4
Hcj (kA/m) 477-597 597-796 636-796 955-1114 915-1034 636-796 636-796 517-637
Hcj(kOe) 6.0-7.5 7.5-10.0 8.0-10.0 12.0-14.0 11.5-13.0 8.0-10.0 8.0-10.0 6.5-8.0
(BH)max (kJ/m 3) 24-32 44-53.6 60-68 65.6-72 72-80 76-84 80-88 84-92
(BH)max (MGOe) 3.0-4.0 5.5-7.0 8.0-9.5 8.2-9.0 9.0-10.0 9.5-10.5 10.0-11.0 10.5-11.5
Tw/ ℃ 120 120 120 160 160 120 120 110

Surface Protection Available of Polymer bonded ndfeb magnets

Type of Coating Coating Thickness Anticorrosive ability Adhesion Force Note
Electrophoresis 10-30um Strong Strong Mount Point
Spray Coating 5-20um Normal Normal Restriction of Specification
Impregnation 1-3um Weak Weak /
Parylene 5-20um Strong Strong High Cost
 Examples of surface Flux Density Distribution of polymer bonded ndfeb magents

Examples of surface Flux Density Distribution of polymer bonded ndfeb magents

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