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PM Motor Laminated Rare Earth Magnets

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  • PM Motor Laminated Rare Earth Magnets

PM Motor Laminated Rare Earth Magnets, customized permanent magnetic lamination transformer core for motors, Reducing Eddy Current Loss Neodymium Lamination Magnets, High working temperature segmention neodymium Laminated Magnets, Laminated rare earth permanent magnets for eddy current in motor

PM Motor Laminated Rare Earth Magnets Part No. HSLAMIM-07
Customzied Specific Requirements
Know as Lamination Magnetic Core
OEM or ODM service: Accept
Grade: 30H-48H, 30SH-45SH, 30UH-40UH, 28EH-38EH, 30AH-33AH…
Surface Treatment: Phosphate / epoxy
Tolerance: +/-0.02 – 0.05mm

Due to its high energy density, NdFeB permanentmagnets (PM) are very often used in the rotors of radial-flux PM machines. As the NdFeB-magnets are good electric conductive, electric currents are induced in the magnets when they are exposed to a varying magnetic field. This varying magnetic field has two causes: variation of the air-gap reluctance due to the effect of stator slots, and armature reaction due to the stator currents when the machine is supplied with invertor. The rise of temperature due to eddy current loss in the PM leads to serious deterioration of the PM, especially in high speed operation. This paper describes an original analysis of the eddy current loss in the PM of a surface-mounted PM synchronous machines (PMSM) for electric vehicles, and also harmonic analysis of eddy current loss is carried out to calculate PM eddy current loss due to carrier harmonics of the PWM inverter. And then segmentation of magnets was proposed to reduce magnet eddy current loss, and finally a new structure based on segmentation was proposed to optimize the eddy current loss.

Laminated Magnets can reduce Eddy Current Loss in high Efficiency Motors
High efficiency demands the best materials, and the laminated rare earth magnets are proven to reduce eddy current losses in high efficiency motors. Fewer eddy current losses means lower heat and greater efficiency.

Technical requirement:

1. The thinnest available insulating layers, <20 um;
2. Performance at temperatures up to 200˚C;
3. Magnet layers from .5 mm and up custom shapes and sizes in neodymium magnets.

Application scope:

Aerospace, Automotive, Motorsport, and Industrial Markets are turning to Laminated Rare Earth Magnets, and are working to balance the tradeoff between power and heat.
Calculation of eddy current losses with and without Lamination are shown below:
Laminated Magnets for eddy current reduction.

Achieve Optimum Performance

a. 0.5mm L20 96% magnet fill fraction
b. 1mm L20 98% magnet fill fraction
c. 1mm L40 96% magnet fill fraction

The optimal lamination for your application is a balance of the need for the greatest electrical resistance at the operating frequency and the best magnetic performance in the physical envelope of your application. Matching the right HSMAG Rectangular and Segment Laminated Magnets insulation and magnet layer thickness to your application makes all the difference.

The eddy current loss of rare earth magnet can be reduced by many ways, among them, the material science researchers have proposed to prepare the high-resistivity magnet
1.Reducing electromagnetic eddy current.
2.Remaining the same magnetic properties with the whole magnet or even superior.

What size laminate do you need?

Validated by an independant, outside laboratory, 1mm Rectangular and Segment Laminated Magnetic Core separated by 18 micron polymer lamination, the thinnest available, offers both optimal magnetic performance and lowest resistance for high efficiency motor applications.

HSMAG permanent type custom laminated rare earth magnets are made to your specification and project requirement.

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