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Plastic Molded Magnets for Precision Instrument Gear Parts

/Plastic Molded Magnets for Precision Instrument Gear Parts
  • Plastic Molded Magnets for Precision Instrument Gear Parts

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Plastic Molded Magnets for Precision Instrument Gear Parts Part No. HSIMM-02
Material: injection-molded ferrite
Number of magnetizing poles: radial 8 poles
Purpose: Precision Instrument Gear Parts

This product is an injection-molded magnet. It is one of our main magnet products. It is mainly made of ferrite powder (or neodymium iron boron magnetic powder) and plastics and other materials, which are made by injection molding process, with high dimensional accuracy. It is a functional magnet with complex shape, multi-pole magnetization, good toughness and can be embedded in metal and plastic parts. The magnetism is equivalent to that of heterogeneous ferrite, but there are many characteristics that are superior to ferrite in practical applications, so the application is also very wide.

Injection molded magnets are available using ferrite, neodymium-iron-boron, or blends of magnetic materials to achieve an extensive range of properties. Binder types include Nylon 6 and 12, PPS, and Polyamide. The binders and magnetic alloys are capable of a wide range of application temperatures from below -40° C to above 180° C. The Injection molding process is particularly well suited to molding very intricate shapes and thin walled parts. The finished parts can be either very simple or complex in geometry.

Magnetic materials can be insert injection molded directly inside or against an existing component to produce assembly pieces. Injection molded magnets dimensionally conform to mold cavities, which are precisely machined, resulting in finished products which usually do not require further finishing operations. This eliminates subsequent operations and reduces total cost. Permanent Injection Molded Magnets for Brushless DC Motor
Injection Molded:
Binder Types / Nylon / PPS / Polyamide.
Temperature Range -40c 180c
Very Tight tolerances off tool ( 0.002 -0.003 Typical )
Very good mechanical strength
Compression Bonded:
Higher Magnetic Strength due to higher magnetic particle density.
Epoxy Binder / Resistant to normal industrial solvents and automotive fluids
Epoxy Coat after manufacturing to prevent oxidation
Temperature Range -40c ~165c
“Tight” tolerances off tool
Good mechanical strength
Typical Bonded Magnet Applications:
Brushless DC Motors
Household Appliances
General Bonded Magnet Applications:
Materials are isotropic and can be magnetized in any direction
Wide range of existing tool sizes are available in rings, discs and rectangles
Exsisting Multipole magnetizing fixtures for quick prototyping
Easily machined
Existing Multipole rings simplify assembly verse arc sepments

If you have any interest or inquiries for Neodymium(NdFeB) magnet, you are welcomed to inquire here. We are sure you will be satisfied with our price and service.   Rubber Coated Marine Magnet Retrieval Ring
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