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Plastic Covered Insert Magnet, Nylon Wire Box Insert Magnet, Plastic Insert Electric Box Magnet, Electrical Box Insert Magnet, Concrete Magnets, Rubber Cover Insert Bushing Magnet Assembly, NdFeB Fixing Insert Magnetic Holder China supplier

Plastic Covered Insert Magnet – With the development of the construction industry, precast concrete pouring in advance has become a kind of green building mode, in Europe and the Middle East has been widely applied, magnetic nail, magnetic box products are energy saving, environmental protection, high efficiency, leading the construction industry revolution, for the application of standardized building components, factory batch, possible, simple operation, convenient assembly and disassembly, improved template moulds, mould reuse efficiency…… PC template fixed magnetic base is to solve the problem that embedded layout design, at present our general specifications have adsorption capacity more than 50KG, D50-M10; D50-M12.3; D50-M14, D50-M16, D50-M20, D50-M24. Can be designed according to the size of the guest thread embedded parts.

Lifting socket which is inserted in precast concrete panels is strong and large inner diameter. Our bushing magnets with screw M12,16,M20,M24 is good choice to fix different type socket and the holidng force 60- 100KGS is enough to fix the parts, make it positioning,no slipping.

It is important to position the socket when pouring concrete and vibrating,otherwise the lifting operation will be effected,and we can not ensure the quality of panel and operation safty.

Round Fixing Magnet, or Bushing Fixing Magnet, socket bushing magnet or Insert magnet holder.The round fixing magnet, is a magnetic insert assembly mainly used for holding concrete formworks which made of steel,or holding tools. Its` magnetic force is range from 4 kg ~ 70kgs, which could hold steel structures steadily.

The Round fixing magnet, is made of Neodymium Magnet, steel armature and steel thread rod. The neodymium magnet is plated with NI-CU-NI treatment,the steel armature is treated with Zinc coating, the thread rod is coated with black epoxy. These surface treatment could offer good anti corrosion protections for the bushing fixing magnets.

Inserted fixing magnet,also known as Embeded Fixing Magnet, inserted socket fixing magnet, embeded socket fixing magnet, magnetic pipe ixing magnet,precast concrete fixing the new magnetic assembly in precast concrete industry. It is the best solution to fix the
inserted socket in precast concrete panel. Concrete Electric Box Insert Magnets Plastic Insert Electric Box Magnet

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