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Plastic Bonded Magnets for Car Light Control

/Plastic Bonded Magnets for Car Light Control
  • Plastic Bonded Magnets for Car Light Control

Plastic Bonded Magnets for Car Light Control, Automotive Anisotropic Bonded Ferrite Ring & Rotor Magnet, Customized Cheap Injection Bonded Ferrite Magnet, Industrial Magnet Application Precision Bonded or Injection Molded Magnets

Plastic Bonded Magnets for Car Light Control General Description:
1. We are specializing in producing bonded ferrite in China.
2. The quality and characteristics of our ferrite products have been fit for the standard and so on.
3. We are good at manufacturing super-large, super-hin and big radian segment permanent ferrite magnet, with good magnetic property and quality which equal to international advanced counterparts’s, its products are marketable and popular.

With hardness and elasticity, and could be processed into thin ring easily.
Could be injection moulded with axis at one time, simplify assembling,ensure precision. Complex shape and precise tolerance can be achieved
In the condition of heat-melting, they are of even density, excellent consistency
Produced by injection with mixture of ferrite powder and plastic binder. Be of excellent corrosion resistance as the ferrite powder is covered by plastic binder
Density: 3.6—3.8g/cm3
Operating temperature range from -40°C—130°C
Having high dimensional precision
Versatile shapes and specification
Impact-resistant advanced surface treatment technology, effectively protection
Integrated forming

Injection molded magnets are available using ferrite, neodymium-iron-boron, or blends of magnetic materials to achieve an extensive range of properties. Binder types include Nylon 6 and 12, PPS, and Polyamide. The binders and magnetic alloys are capable of a wide range of application temperatures from below -40° C to above 180° C. The Injection molding process is particularly well suited to molding very intricate shapes and thin walled parts. The finished parts can be either very simple or complex in geometry.Anisotropic Bonded Ferrite Ring & Rotor Magnet

Injection plastic-conded magnet is a new kind of composite permanent-magnetic material with the features of flexible shaping, dimensional precision, adjustable magnetic properties, fine coherence, composite molding, elastic magnetization and high mechanical strength.

1) The injection molding has a particularly useful feature in large-quantity.
2) The injection molding’s magnets values are lower than the compression molding because of their relative low density.
3) The shapes of high dimensional accuracy can be produced without secondary processing.
4)Widely used in direct current motor, step motor, control motor, air-condition motor and duplication machine


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