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Plain Iron Powder Core

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  • Plain Iron Powder Core

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Mode: Plain Cores ( Plain Iron Powder Core)
Composite: Iron powder
Temperature Effects:
The working temperature of iron powder core is between -65℃-125℃.When the working temperature rises than 150℃,the organic adhesive will begin to decompose,resulting in the degradation of the device’s performance and shortening of devices’s life.The severity of the degrading depends on the time,temperature,size of the iron powder core,working frequency and the flux density.
High frequency chokes
Output chokes for switching power supplies
Conducted EMI noise filters
Pulse transformers
DC output/inpit chokes
Light dimmer chokes
Power factor correction inductors

Introduce of plain core

Plain core is low profile and amorphous alloy core. The iron dust cores material is almost exclusively ferrite material and the design of plain core is intended for use with windings etched on a printed circuit board, thereby eliminating the winding of a separate coil. Etching of the windings puts a limit on the number of available turns hence the operating frequency must be high to avoid core saturation. If the turns requirement is sufficiently high, a thin coil cemented to the board under the plain core. Since the typical plain core user does not need a coil, Yuxiang has little experience with plain core.

Application of plain core

Plain core as a core material has been widely used in RF applications, and the distributed air gap properties inherent in iron powder cores also make them extremely well-suited for a variety of energy storage inductor applications, electronic computer, modern communication equipment, instrument and meter, industrial automation, and household electrical apparatus.

FERRITE CORE Iron Powder core is an extremely excellent material, having a good stability, a high Q value, the frequency response characteristics, and good energy handling capability; iron powder cores suitable for high-Q inductor of the frequency of 50kHz to 500MHz, and 50MHz broadband transformers; iron powder as a core material for many years has been widely used in the radio frequency (RF) uses the natural the gap distribution characteristics of iron powder cores, and also make it very suitable for a variety of energy storage inductor control applications.

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Product Range

Plain Iron Powder Core dimension

Plain Iron Powder Core dimension

YP3.45-40 core 7.6 .136/3.45 .775/19.7
YP4.83-40 core 12.5 .190/4.83 .750/19.1
YP6.35-40 core 16.0 .250/6.35 .750/19.1
YP6.35-40A core 16.0 .250/6.35 1.000/25.4
YP6.48-40 core 15.0 .255/6.48 1.250/31.8
YP7.95-40 core 20.0 .313/7.95 1.000/25.4
YP7.95-40A core 20.0 .313/7.95 1.250/31.8
YP9.53-40 core 25.5 .375/9.53 1.000/25.4
YP9.53-40A core 26.5 .375/9.53 1.250/31.8
YP9.53-40B core 25.0 .375/9.53 1.500/38.1
YP9.53-40C core 22.5 .375/9.53 1.750/44.5
YP12.7-40 core 34.5 .500/12.7 1.250/31.8
YP12.7-40A core 33.0 .500/12.7 1.500/38.1
YP12.7-40B core 32.0 .500/12.7 1.750/44.5
YP12.7-40C core 31.0 .500812.7 2.000/50.8
YP15.9-40 core 37.5 .625/15.9 1.250/31.8
YP15.9-40A core 41.5 .625/15.9 1.500/38.1
YP19.1-40 core 49.5 .750/19.1 2.375/60.3
YP25.4-40 core 80.0 1.000/25.4 2.000/50.8
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