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Permanent SmCо Magnet Coupling for Pumping Equipment

/Permanent SmCо Magnet Coupling for Pumping Equipment
  • Permanent SmCо Magnet Coupling for Pumping Equipment

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Cheap Stainless Steel Permanent SmCо Magnet Coupling for Pumping Equipment
Product name Magnetic coupling
Material stainless steel
Color Metallic Color
Size customized

Magnetic couplings are employed in seal-less, leak-free magnetic drive pumps used to handle volatile,flammable, corrosive, abrasive, toxic or foul smelling liquids. The inner and outer magnet rings are fitted with permanent magnets, hermetically sealed from the liquids, in a multipole arrangement.

The inner and outer magnetic rotors are locked together by magnetic forces and work as a synchronous coupling. The permanent-permanent magnetic couplings create neither slippage nor induction current during rotation. When excessive torque is applied, the magnets will decouple, they will not recouple unless the pump is stopped.

Permanent magnetic couplings offer an efficient, leak-proof, cost effective, and more reliable alternative to various conventional sealing methods.

HSMAG magnetic couplings transmit torque from the driving shaft to the driven one with magnetic field.
– Design with in-house produced NdFeB or SmCо permanent magnets:
Magnetic field is generated by (NdFeB and SmCo) permanent magnets installed in the driving and driven half- couplings. Protective metal or ceramic containment shroud between the half-couplings ensures tightness of the pumped product. For application at temperatures of the pumped liquid up to 150 ° C neodymium magnets are used, up to 350 ° C – samarium-cobalt magnets. The use of high-coercivity permanent magnets provides compact couplings and high torque values in limited space.

– No leaks, contamination and maintenance:
HSMAG  couplings ensure completely hermetic solution for pumping equipment, eliminating any leaks and keeping the pumped product clean unlike mechanical seals. Application of magnetic couplings provides reduction of costs for maintenance, besides, such couplings do not consume any power for operation.  High Torque Magnetic Coupling for Gearbox

All manufactured shrouds for couplings undergo thorough quality control test with final pressure test exceeding the operating pressure by 25% to identify defects and ensure stable operation of products under load.  Customized Stainless Steel Industrial Magnetic Coupling

We provide magnetic technology Permanent Magnetic Couplings for environmental protection. Leakage-free torque transmission is increasingly demanded in process technology on environmental protection grounds. Highly toxic and / or aggressive media require hermetically sealed drives for pumps and agitators. Permanent magnetic couplings from Our transmit high torques carefully and wear-free through the vessel walls. A significant performance advantage of the magnetic couplings is the minimal wear in contrast to dynamic seals. The resulting competitive advantage for our customers provides a growing worldwide range of applications in the chemical and plastics industries for HSMAG .

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