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OEM Permanent Rare Earth NdFeB Segment Magnet

/OEM Permanent Rare Earth NdFeB Segment Magnet
  • ndfeb segment magnet

Permanent Rare Earth NdFeB Segment Magnet, Sintered Neodymium Curved Magnet, Strong NdFeB Arc Magnets, N35H Neodymium-Iron-Boron, Super Tile Neodymium Magnet for Electric Motors

Permanent Rare Earth NdFeB Segment Magnet Feature:
Part No.: 35HNBS31.8
Dimensions:R31.8 mmx 3.50 mmx17.34 mmx40.0mm
Material: Neodymium, Grade N35H
Plating/Coating: Nickel + copper + nickel
Magnetization Direction: North on outside face
Max. Operating Temperature: 120°C

We supply any standard, custom, and OEM magnets of various shape and size from the N52, 48M, 45H, 42SH, 35UH and 33EH series at the lowest price within 10-15 days. The following coatings are available: Uncoated, Ni Cu Ni, Zinc, Gold, Silver, Epoxy, Phosphatised, Cr, Ni black Ni, and Cu. Fast delivery on stock Neodymium Magnets.

Motor Arc Permanent Magnet Product Specifications
1.Composite: Neodymium Iron Boron
2.Technique: Sintering
3.Type: Permanent
4.Shape: Customized
5.Size: Customized
6.Grade: N35-N52,33M-50M,30H-48H,30SH-45SH,28UH-40UH,28EH-38EH & 28AH-33AH
7.Surface Treatment: Ni,Ni-Cu-Ni,Zn,silver,gold,aluminum,epoxy,phosphating and etc.
8.Magnetization Direction: magnetized through thickness, axially magnetized, diametrically magnetized,radially magnetized and etc.
9.Delivery time: 7-25 days
10.Packaging: For air shipment, iron sheets and bubble packs are used to shield magnetized magnets for aviation safety.
11.Supply Ability: 1000 tons/year
12.Place of Origin: China

Sintered NdFeB magnets are formed by powder metallurgical processes. The magnetic performance of all grades is optimized by applying a magnetic field during the pressing operation, thus producing a preferred direction of magnetization (anisotropy). Our sintered NdFeB magnets have 4 distinct characteristics: High corrosion resistance and Low temperature coefficient, Large dimensions or Small sizes. The newly developed L-T Sintered NdFeB Series has outstanding corrosion resistance and high working temperature compared to the normal grades.

Motor Magnets, Rare earth magnets are mostly used in motor, such as permanent magnet D.C. motors, wound field D.C. motors, gear motors, custom D.C. motors.
Segment magnets are of the largest quantity we made now. Cilinder magnets are also the most popular motor magnets.
Segment Size of Neodymium Magnets. Widely used in motor and rotor ! The following items are the relative products of the NdFeB Segment Magnets,you can quickly find the NdFeB Segment Magnets through the list. Most segment magnets magnetized through diameter in pairs ! Few part that are thickness magnetized !

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