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Permanent Neodymium Ring Speaker Magnet

/Permanent Neodymium Ring Speaker Magnet
  • Neodymium Ring Speaker Magnet

Permanent Neodymium Ring Speaker Magnet, Super Stong Ring Neodymium Rare Earth Magnet, N52 Strong NdFeB Magnet Composite Ring Shape Magnetic Ring, NdFeB Rings, Speaker and Sensor Magnet, custom-made NdFeB magnets ring

Permanent Neodymium Ring Speaker Magnet Magnet information:
Size : D36mm*d28mm*h6mm / Customized
Shape ring magnet
Raw material : Permanent Neodymium Magnet
Grade : N35 N38 N42 N50 N52(other grade need to production )
Coating : Zn / Nickel
Magnetism : Thickness(N & S pole on the flat ends)
Working temperature 60 ℃-220 ℃
Package Standard export package

Surface treatment for NdFeB
Due to the poor corrosion resistance of neodymium magnets, it is advisable to provide them with a coating. A number of things are important to consider in this regard:
even though ‘stabilized’ neodymium is more resistant to oxidation, the magnet is usually nevertheless coated;
coating NdFeB is a difficult process; only coating companies with specialized knowledge of coating NdFeB are able to achieve good adhesion to neodymium magnets;
NdFeB magnets are also commonly coated with ion vapour deposition (IVD) techniques: the IVD coating process allows precise control of the coating thickness and excellent adhesion of the coating to the material;
in extreme cases it may be desirable to opt for a fully over-moulded plastic version, which ensures that the magnet itself can never come into contact with the air. super stong ring neodymium rare earth magnet

With their high strength and performance, neodymium magnets are used in many applications, such as:
wind turbines
spindle drives of hard disks
MRI scanners
magnetic separators
Often in combination with sensors.

Neodymium magnets have an unlimited number of applications. The exceptional performance of the material has made it invaluable. The strength/weight ratio allows it to be used in ways that were previously inconceivable, allowing present-day engineers to create revolutionary new designs.

HSMAG delivers a full range of neodymium magnets with various strengths and makes magnet assemblies that fully meet your requirements. Please contact us for more information on custom-made NdFeB magnets or if you would like to speak with someone for advice on the design of your magnetic component.

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