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Permanent Magnetic Iron Separator

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Permanent Magnetic Iron Separator, Magnetic Iron Separator, Suspended Manual Discharge Magnetic Metal Separator, Reliable peformance dry magnetic separator for iron ore, Auto Cleaning Iron Removing Permanent Magnetic Separator For Conveyor Belt Chinese Supplier

Permanent Magnetic Iron Separator HSRCYP II Series Introduction and Application:
Equipped with various belt conveyors and vibration feeders, Series RCYP-II can remove automatically the ferrous and magnetic materials (0.1 ~ 35 KGS) from moving minerals. It is widely used in the following industries, cement, thermal power plants, metallurgy, mining, glass, paper-making, coal, chemical industry, etc.

Technical Features:

1. The magnetic circuits are designed according to the computerized simulation. With perfect magnetic structure of double-poles, high magnetic field intensity, high magnetic gradient and large magnetic absorption.
2. The magnetic source is made of NdFeB materials, which has high magnetic energy product and low self-demagnetizing force. It only demagnetize less than 5% for 8 working years.
3. The structure of waist-drum can rectify automatically the deviation. The wholly-sealed bearing seat can adapt to various harsh working conditions.
4. The self-cleansing belt can guarantee the trouble-free operation for a long time.
5. The compact structure can guarantee the normal working in restricted space.
6. Near and remote control

Separator Magnetic De-ironing Separator
It is used to eliminate the powder or massive waste iron from the nonmagnetic material. The inner adopts the special resin to cast with wholly sealed structure. It features with deep revealed magnetic depth, strong magnetic force, dust-protection and rain protection, erosion wearing and so on. It can be operated in the harsh environment. manual cleaning magnetic separator

Features of Iron Remover Conveyor Belt Iron Separator Magnetic De-ironing Separator
1. Excellent magnetic field intensity, usually used in occasions with much iron.
2. The wholly sealed structure makes the remover water-proof, dust-proof and corrosion resisting.
3. Low energy consumption.
4. Easy to install and convenient to use.
5. High efficiency and stable performance.
6. High processing capacity.
7. Good operational reliability and flexibility.

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