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Permanent Magnetic Ball Joint

/Permanent Magnetic Ball Joint
  • Permanent Magnetic Ball Joint

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Universal Permanent Magnetic Ball Joint Features
·Made with powerful NdFeB magnet
·Suitable for use in exhibition stands or truss display systems
·Body made of brass with tapped hold to mount on any surface
·Can hold anything within stipulated load at any angle
·Allows the steel ball to rotate a full 360 degrees on a 180-degree axis

Powerful Ball Joint Rare Earth Magnet – steel ball magnetically held in spherical socket, universal magnetic ball joint, ndfeb magnetic ball joints

The steel ball is subject to a magnetic field in the permanent magnetic system and is thus held in the spherical socket. This produces a joint that can be turned in any direction up to 180°. If the magnetic system’s holding force is exceeded, the ball is released without damage.

Application examples

Since the magnetic ball joint is electro-conductive, rapidrelease and rotatable electrical connections can be made with such a system. This is of advantage, for instance, in modern low-voltage lamps. Rapid-release connections for test fixtures are also possible. In lifting linkages a predetermined breaking point can be provided, or sideways movements compensated.

Due to the use of high-energy rare-earth magnets, magnetic ball joints types KD… have a very strong holding force. The resulting displacement force of the ball is strong enough to hold the optical systems of cameras, lighting fixtures or laser units without requiring a mechanical fixation.

For magnetic ball joints with other dimensions please consult us for further information.

Operating temperature:
Max. 100 °C
KL/GL ± 0,5 mm
D Ø ground, tolerance h6 (Exception Type K8)
otherwise general tolerance ± 0,1 mm
All dimensions in mm

Special designs possible:
All-round galvanic plating
units with max. operating temperature of 200 °C.

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Product Range




Type K Ø
KL L G GL IG IGL  Ball with inner thread
M 4/3,5 mm deep without
thread IG on the rear
K8 8,0 12,5 ± 0,05 18,0 12,0 Holding force10,0 N(1,0 kp)
KD310 10,0 10,0 28,0 20,0 M3 12,0 M3 5,0 Holding force 18,0 N (1,8 kp)
KD312 12,0 10,0 30,5 20,0 M3 12,0 M3 5,0 Holding force 18,0 N (1,8 kp)
KD413 13,0 13,0 31,0 20,0 M4 12,0 M4 6,0 Holding force 40,0 N (4,0 kp)
KD418 18,0 13,0 36,0 20,0 M4 12,0 M4 6,0 Holding force 40,0 N (4,0 kp)
KD516 16,0 16,0 34,0 20,0 M4 12,0 ohne Holding force 70,0 N (7,0 kp)
KD625 25,0 20,0 47,0 25,0 M5 16,0 M5 5,0 Holding force 150,0 N (15,0 kp)
KD725 25,0 25,0 56,0 35,0 M5 16,0 M5 7,0 Holding force 200,0 N (20,0 kp)
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