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Permanent Magnet Generators Breadloaf Shape SmCo Magnet

/Permanent Magnet Generators Breadloaf Shape SmCo Magnet
  • Permanent Magnet Generators Breadloaf Shape SmCo Magnet

Permanent Magnet Generators Breadloaf Shape SmCo Magnet, superior Permanent Rare Earth SmCo breadloaf shape magnets for wind turbine, Direct Drive PMG higher operating temperature magnet, Strong Sintered Samarium Cobalt Magnet Custom Shape

Permanent Magnet Generators Breadloaf Shape SmCo Magnet Specifications
Dimensions: customized
Tolerances: ±0.004″ x ±0.002″ (+/-0.1mm x ±0.05mm)
Material: Sm2Co17
Plating/Coating: N/A
Magnetization Direction: Parallel
Max Operating Temp: 350ºC
Shape: Breadloaf
Other: All magnets passed QC(Br. Flux.Dimensions)Test. We have special price for factory buyers

In high working temperature situations over 180 ºC,neodymium magnet are not performance well as samarium colbalt magnets. thus samarium cobalt magnets, or SmCo Magnets are widely applied in aerospace domain, industrial and medical areas, defence and telecommunication fields. When compared with neodymium magnets , neodymium magnets are 100% more stronger on magnetism. For working temperature, Smco magnets can be applied in 250-350 ºC envionment while neodymium magnets under 240 ºC. Permanent Rare Earth SmCo Tube Magnets

High Speed Machine Design Considerations
Typically, high speed electric machines will use a Surface Mounted Permanent Magnet topology (SMPM),
which offers the following advantages:
High torque/inertia ratio
Simple construction
Highest torque density
Good torque control
Common drive topology
For our example, we’ll use a four pole SMPM topology with a rated output power of 15kW at 75,000rpm.
Since this is an automotive application, we’ll assume this machine operates with a 48 Volt DC bus. To keep
the design simple, we’ll use a 1×1 aspect ratio between the stator outside diameter and the rotor height.

The bread loaf-shape magnet can effectively reduce torque ripple. However, at the same time the average torque is also reduced due to lower fundamental harmonics, especially compared to tile-shape magnet. However, by injecting 3rd harmonics, or even higher harmonics, not only the torque ripple can be reduced, but also the average torque can be aligned with the tile-shape magnet, or even be higher.

But once again, the shaping of magnet can be costly as well. Sometimes with bad processing methods, such as over grinding or over polishing, the cost can be even higher than skew. Therefore, in order to make the magnet shaping techniques commercially viable, it is really important to find easy ways to shape magnets.

Fortunately, we found some promising techniques that can easily enable magnet shaping. More interesting is that these techniques seem to coincide with a magnet recycling concept. The first method is using segmented magnets. A breadloaf shape magnet can be divided into several segments. Surface Mounted Parallel Magnetized SmCo Bread Loaf Shape Magnet

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