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Parallel-pole Gap Dipole Electromagnet

/Parallel-pole Gap Dipole Electromagnet
  • Parallel-pole Gap Dipole Electromagnet

Parallel-pole Gap Dipole Electromagnet, Double Yoke Double-tuned Air Gap Alterable Electromagnet, Dipole Electromagnet/laboratory Electromagnet/Parallel-pole electromagnets

The magnetic field is both-way adjustable, the yoke structure a closed magnetic circuit, so it has a good rigidity, magnetic field direction is horizontal, the supporting yoke rise 45°to the ground for operating the sample easily. Apply to Hall effect studies, magnetoresistance effect studies, magnetostriction studies, torque magnetometer, force method magnetometer, VSM, magnetisability measuring equipment, magnetic materials measuring equipment etc.

NameS of parts

1:Horizontal yoke
2:Vertical yoke
4:Pole Cap Surface
5:Pole Cap
7:Pole Sleeve

A:Coil Gap
B:Pole Gap
C:Center Height
D:Horizontal distance of Diameter
E:Coil Diameter

Laboratory Parallel-pole Gap Dipole Electromagnet

1, The electromagnet is a double-yoke double-type structure, oblique 45-degree seat, the direction of the magnetic field on the ground, pole diameter 100mm, line spacing 100mm, adjustable air gap range: 0-100mm.
2, The diameter of the solenoid pole is 100mm. When the air gap is 10 mm, the center magnetic field Hmax? 1.5T; when the air gap is 80 mm, the center magnetic field Hmax? 0.4T. In the center 5 * 5 * 5mm area, the magnetic field uniformity is 1 * 10-5
3, Electromagnet natural cooling structure. In the 80mm air gap 0.4T magnetic field can work for 0.5 hours.
4, The weight of 200KG.
5, Power supply 10A 120V. laboratory parallel pole dipole electromagnet


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