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Parallel-pole Gap Dipole Electromagnet

/Parallel-pole Gap Dipole Electromagnet
  • Parallel-pole Gap Dipole Electromagnet

Parallel-pole Gap Dipole Electromagnet, Parallel-pole Electromagnets, Double Yoke Double-tuned Air Gap Alterable Electromagnet, Dipole Electromagnet/laboratory Electromagnet

The magnetic field is both-way adjustable, the yoke structure a closed magnetic circuit, so it has a good rigidity, magnetic field direction is horizontal, the supporting yoke rise 45°to the ground for operating the sample easily. Apply to Hall effect studies, magnetoresistance effect studies, magnetostriction studies, torque magnetometer, force method magnetometer, VSM, magnetisability measuring equipment, magnetic materials measuring equipment etc.

Name of parts

1:Horizontal yoke
2:Vertical yoke
4:Pole Cap Surface
5:Pole Cap
7:Pole Sleeve

A:Coil Gap
B:Pole Gap
C:Center Height
D:Horizontal distance of Diameter
E:Coil Diameter

Parallel-pole Electromagnets, Laboratory Parallel-pole Gap Dipole Electromagnet

1, The solenoid model for the SB-250 type, the solenoid for the double-yoke frame structure, inclined 45-degree angle seat, the magnetic field in the horizontal direction, the pole diameter of 250mm, line spacing 120mm, magnetic field air gap two-way adjustable range 20 ~ 120mm.
2, Electromagnet with a pair of pole, pole diameter Φ70mm.
3, Magnetic field index: air gap is 50mm, the central magnetic field Hmax ≥ 2.1T;
4, The electromagnet using internal cooling water-cooled structure; when the magnetic field air gap is 50mm, magnetic field strength of 2.1T, the continuous working time of 0.5 hours
5, The weight of the electromagnet is 2200Kg.
6, The user power 75A 180V

This VSM was developed with first order reversal curve (FORC) measurement as a key objective. The high sensitivity of the 8600 Series VSM helps to improve FORC analysis. FORC also benefits from increased data point density, and also from the new VSM flies through complex FORC data collection sequences in a fraction of the time needed on earlier systems.

Flexible and Adaptable

Control of the VSM is simplified by the system’s software. A flexible data acquisition environment is provided by combining standard predefined measurement routines with configurable field and measurement loops. The software also features an integrated scripting tool, which enables the user to extend the existing routines with an open-ended software scripting language that is suitable to execute customized measurement protocols and interface with third-party lab equipment.

A current of 1 mA can be felt and is uncomfortable. About 12 mA is enough to contract the muscles in your hand. Your hand may then grasp the source of electrical current and you will not be able to let go. If between 25 and 200 mA flows from hand to hand, your heart is likely to go into ventricular fibrillation. This is a rapid uncoordinated quivering of the heart muscles. Ventricular fibrillation continues after the source of the electrical shock has been removed. A current greater than 200 mA will cause the heart to clamp (stop). A prolonged flow of electrical current causes death by resistive heating that cooks the vital organs. After a short electrical shock, CPR will often revive the victim. There is a defibrillator at the entrance of physics building on the Petersgasse. It provides recorded instructions on how to perform CPR.

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