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Pa6 / Pa12 / PPS Injection Ferrite Permanent Magnets

/Pa6 / Pa12 / PPS Injection Ferrite Permanent Magnets
  • Pa6 Pa12 PPS Injection Ferrite Permanent Magnets

Pa6 / Pa12 / PPS Injection Ferrite Permanent Magnets, Customized Multi-pole Injection Plastic Ferrite Bonded Magnets, Micro Injection Molded Plastic Ferrite Magnets for Motor Rotor, OEM injection magnets for industrial

Pa6 / Pa12 / PPS Injection Ferrite Permanent Magnets Features:
Material Pa6/Pa12/PPS
Size Custom-made
Density 3.8 g/m3
Max Working Temperature 80°C
Lead Time About 30 days
Used Industry machinery

Plastic magnetic rotor and magnetic ring are magnets formed through injection workmanship, after mixed with magnetic powder and resin.
It can be axial-direction single pole magnet, or radium- direction multi-pole magnet, or shaft and radium direction complex magnet.
Neat appearance, without flaw; permanent customized Bonded Multi-polar injection Plastic ferrite motor Magnet precision, good constancy, no need for re-processing, stable performance and resistance shock.
The shape can be complex and micro- shape.
They are necessary signal source and constant magnet source.
It is superior to other magnetic things.
It is mainly used for industrial automatic equipment, D/C motor, shaft-currency electric fan motor, transmission air condition mot-or, instrument motor etc.

Proprietary technology and Advantages

1. Injection arc magnet:applied to all kinds of micro motor,is characterized by radial orientation,high magnetic flux efficiency,not fragile,not chip off,on the starting voltage requirements of the micro motor can be low voltage start.

2. Injection magnetic ring:used in all kinds of auto adjusting motor,instrumentation,intelligent industrial and precision sensor field.ABS induction hydraulic minimum magnetic pole distance can reach 1.5mm. Injection Plastic Ferrite Magnets

3. Plastic magnetic rotor:mainly used in Brushless DC motor,such as air conditioning,home appliances and synchronous motor rotor and magnetic coupling.etc.It can be integral injection molding with shaft.

4. Has developed the highest injection NdFeB magnetic BH(msx)up to 15.3M,with excellent precision and magnetic energy.

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