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Overhead Plate Conveyor Magnets, Overhead Plated Magnets, Conveyor Magnets, Suspension Magnet, Forklift Magnet, Tramp Metal Magnet, Permanent-Type Recovery Magnet made in china

Overhead Plate Conveyor Magnets – Overhead plate magnets are designed to remove ferrous contamination from conveyed product

Overhead plate magnets are designed to remove ferrous contamination from conveyed product on a conveyor belt or open chutes, helping with product purity, reducing damage to expensive machinery and minimising costly down time. Ideal for quarries, recycling, plastics & food industries.

Overhead Plated Conveyor Magnets Features:
1. No running costs apart from cleaning (no power supply required).
2. These units can be made “easy clean”.
3. Solid construction ensures the magnet’s long shelf life.
4. Rare earth or ceramic magnet material used depending on the applications required.

Quotation Requirements:
1. Conveyor width & speed.
2. Product type and product height on the conveyer.
3. Contamination type (if possible).

1, Magnetic plate adopt superior material #304,#316 stainless steel around Neodymium strong magnet;
2, Magnetic plates from HSMAG company express superior performance, with adsorption space of magnetic plate long to 25CM;
3, The standard thickness of conveyor magnets are 25mm,50mm,100mm. Other sizes are customized. The specification of bullet magnet plate will customized according to customer request; Customized Permanent Magnetic Plates
4, Magnetic plates can be hang up on the conveyor belt and mounted in the outlet;
5, This type of conveyor magnets named magnetic plate are widely used to removing iron in graular, powder and granular (such as sugar, corn, mine, flour etc ) for food, chemical, electricity, plastic, mining, environmental, metallurgy and ceramic industry.
6, The bullet magnet plate can be used in different applications, such as sensors, motors, rotors, wind turbines/wind generators, loudspeakers, magnetic hooks, magnetic holder, filters automobiles and so on.
7, The bullet magnets has strong megentic perfomance, user pay attention to safety when used it.



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  • Offer free magnetic solution
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Product Range


1, The rings insert in magnetic plate,being more convenient for the installation of the conveyor magnet plate;
2, Service life for plate magnet: 3 years;
3, Magnetic plates using life come to permanent;
4, Professional design,superior factory price and fastest delivery for purchasing magnetic plate from HSMAG.
5, The bullet magnet plate can be prevent corrosion damage, with stainless steel.

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