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Package Dimensions: 6.14 x 3.46 x 1.77 inches
WARNING:Keep them away from little kids and pet.

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18 PACK MAGNETS FUN TOY FOR KIDS and ADULTS – Polished oval magnets, large version of magnet zingers or rattlesnake eggs. Usage instructions provided on the back of the retail packaging. Makes a great gift and stocking filler at Christmas for kids. Made of Hematite and is said to be a grounding stone for protection against negative energy.
OVAL SHAPE HEMATITE MAGNETS – One north and one south pole on the opposite sides of each oval magnet. It will attract to magnetic items like steel fridge or cabinet. The inner core replicates the magnetism of the Earth itself to produce beautiful, fascinating, mellow sound. These polished hematite stones are perfect for your crystal collection, massage stones, and pocket stones!
GREAT WAY TO EDUCATE KIDS! – These rattlesnake egg zingers make for a fun toy or a tool to demonstrate magnetism for educational purposes. Great for magnetic education, school science projects, fridge or office magnets or just a toy for loads fun! Try using them in pairs for the cool singing effect!
HOW THEY WORK? – In order to use these zingers, place one in each hand, and toss them both upwards, and at each other. If they are close enough, they will attract each other and produce a loud rattling sound and spin in the air. The ideal method to produce sound is with a high arcing trajectory so that they graze against each other. If they collide too hard they will bounce off of each other.
GREAT QUALITY MAGNETS – These are some of the highest quality magnets you will find anywhere. These large magnetic zingers make for a fun toy or a tool to demonstrate magnetism for educational purposes. This package includes 16 highly polished magnetic oval shape eggs that both measure 1.7 inch in length

Tons of magnetic fun! Toss the “rattlesnake eggs” into the air and they buzz like a rattlesnake rattle. FUN TO PLAY ! When you toss them in the air they come together making a bizarre vibrating song that resembles the sound of an insect. Great for goody bags, Party Favorite. Infinite Play Styles: These magnetic toys have endless combinations limited only by your imagination and creativity! Rattle Snake Egg Toy’s: Appealing for all ages! Interesting and captivating! Easy to use! Hours of fun! Hematite Magnetic Stones Educational Magnet for Kids Adults

Package Content:8PCS 37mm magnetic stones. Magnets are helpful for calming down and improving focus skills.
2.Not only are they fun to play with, but they are also great for hand-eye coordination. Let this fun rattle magnet rotate together, your child will love it. Hematite Snake Eggs Magnets Rattle Snake
The two hematite magnets fly and collide, wrestling for equilibrium in a clattering, buzzing, Cicada sounding collision until they land at rest.
Magnetic balls are a fascinating and cool technology and office gadget. Useful as an innovative, stylish and exclusive office decoration. These toy rattle snake eggs also be used as a refrigerator magnet.
5. This product contains (a) small magnet(s). Swallowed magnets can stick together across intestines causing serious infections and death. Seek immediate medical attention if magnet(s) are swallowed or inhaled. Rainbow Magnetic Snake Eggs

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