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One-Way Underwater Treasure Salvage Magnet for Fishing 100kg Force

/One-Way Underwater Treasure Salvage Magnet for Fishing 100kg Force
  • One-Way Treasure Salvage Magnet 100kg Force

One-Way Underwater Treasure Salvage Magnet for Fishing 100kg Force, Holding & Retrieving Magnet, 100kg One-Side Search Magnets, Strong Treasure Salvage Magnet, Neodymium Pot Magnets with One-way Eyebolts

One-Way Underwater Treasure Salvage Magnet for Fishing 100kg Force Feature:

Part No.: HSPNS-F100
Diameter D – 48 mm
Height H – 11 mm
Pull power: 100 kg
Weight: 0.21 kg
The thread of bolts: M8
One-way Eyebolts included.
With galvanized body
Magnet material: NdFeB
Magnet shape: Pot, cylinder, ring
Magnet coating: Nickel (ni-cu-ni)
Max. work temperature: +80℃

The search engine uses the search neodymium permanent magnet to locate and pick up metal objects from the bottom of reservoirs, wells, mines and other depths. Magnets allow lift even very heavy objects.
Search the magnet is neodymium magnet enclosed in a steel housing which reliably protects the magnet from external damage and is threaded to eyebolts. Bolt used for tying a rope and lifting magnet prityanuvshy (by screwing).

Storage Magnets used for magnet fishing must be stored safely. With such a strong adhesive force it is not uncommon for these magnets to inadvertently attach to a ferromagnetic surface while being transported in a car or while being improperly stored. That is why these magnets need to be shielded when not in use. Plastic cases filled with cubed foam, for example, work well for this purpose.

If you repeatedly expose a neodymium magnet to water and without protection, it will eventually start to rust. You should therefore thoroughly dry the magnet after each use. You can also treat the magnet with a waterproof lacquer to provide some protection.

Additional safety information

Be extremely cautious in areas where unexploded bombs or other munitions may be found! Should you come across explosives while magnet fishing, do not touch them and call the police. 120kg Pull Froce One-Side Search Magnet Fishing
If you really do find a treasure, you are usually not allowed to keep it – follow the legal regulations!
Magnets used for magnet fishing do not belong in children’s hands. Store your retrieval magnet out of reach for children.
The stronger the adhesive force of a magnet, the higher the risk for injury. Always wear safety gloves when magnet fishing. Cut-resistant ones are best.
When casting the retrieval magnet, always make sure that it is safe to do so for you and your surroundings. People, animals or boats should not be in close proximity to you and should remain well outside the trajectory route of the magnet.

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Product Range

Part No. Sizes (mm) Break Force (kg) Dead Weight (kg)
HSPNS-F100 48 11 8 100 0.21
HSPNS-F120 60 15 10 120 0.41
HSPNS-F200 75 19 10 200 0.73
HSPNS-F300 94 20 10 300 1.15
HSPNS-F400 116 20 10 400 1.58
HSPNS-F600 136 25 12 600 2.80


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