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Oil Cooling Electromagnetic Separator

/Oil Cooling Electromagnetic Separator
  • Oil Cooling Electromagnetic Separator

Oil Cooling Electromagnetic Separator, HSRCDE series oil cooling electromagnetic separator, Suspended oil cooled electromagnetic iron separator, electro magnetic mineral separator for conveyor belts

The HSRCDE series oil cooling electromagnetic separator possesses powerful magnetic force and is designed to be both dust proof and water proof. The electromagnetic iron separator also retains excellent anti-corrosion properties and is made highly durable by its advanced oil cooling transformer and wholly closed structure design. It is capable of effectively separating iron, so as to protect associated rollers and crushers.

The general width of the adaptive belt ranges between 400mm to 2200mm. We can also supply electromagnetic separators with customized adaptive belt according to client specifications.

RCDE series Suspended oil cooled electromagnetic iron separator borrowed advanced international technology of 1990s on transformer, which adopts oil cooling and fully sealed strcture, featuring strong magnetic force, dust-proof, rain-proof, corrosion resistance, long service life on continuous duty,etc. It can protect mechanical equipments well such as mill, crusher.

RCDE series suspended oil cooled electromagnetic iron separator uses international advanced transformer technology to cool down the separator with oil circulation. This product has a totally hermetical structure, high magnetic filed intensity and long service life. It is dustproof, waterproof and corrosion-resistant.
Power distribution control box: KGLA-50A/500V. self-cleaning electromagnetic separators for tramp iron

HSRCDE Series Overband Electromagnetic Separator for Mining Self Cleaning in Oil-Cooling FEATURES

1. High magnetic filed intensity and special design for magnetic circuit.
2. The wholly sealed structure makes the magnetic separator water-proof, dust-proof and corrosion resisting.
3. Low energy consumption.
4. Easy to install and convenient to use.
5. High efficiency and stable performance.

Electromagnetic separator is widely usded in the port of coal conveyor, coal-fired plants, coal mine, mining, etc.
It is used to eliminate the iron wastes before the material crushed in harsh environment.
This item was designed according to the standard of the same products from America and Germany.
In addition to the construction featured of the Air Cooled magnets, these magnets are also provided with a pressure relief value, filling hole, drain plug and an oil level gurge. Furthermore, if increased magnet power is desired, a heat exchanger can be mounted on the magnet to accelerate the cooling of the oil. A 10-15% increase in magnet power is possible with this feature.

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Product Range


Technical Specifications

Model Bet width
height h mm
Magnetic field
intensity >mT
speed < M
depth < MM
power < KW
Appearance size mm
HSRCDE-4 400 100 50 4.5 60 0.6 300 500 620 400
HSRCDE-5 500 150 60 100 1 500 670 760 500
HSRCDE-6.5 650 200 70 150 2.0 750 795 855 650
HSRCDE-8 800 250 70 200 3 1150 1050 980 835
HSRCDE-10 1000 300 70 250 4.5 1400 1400 1160 1000
HSRCDE-12 1200 350 70 300 6 2780 1460 1190 1290
HSRCDE-14 1400 400 70 350 8.5 4200 1700 1280 1560
HSRCDE-16 1600 450 70 400 12.5 5700 1950 1370 1850
HSRCDE-18 1800 500 70 450 18 7300 2170 1490 2000