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Neodymium Speaker Driver Magnetic Assembly

/Neodymium Speaker Driver Magnetic Assembly
  • Neodymium Speaker Driver Magnetic Assembly

Neodymium Speaker Driver Magnetic Assembly, High Frequency Compression Magnetic Speaker Driver Unit, Loundspeaker Driver Magnet Assemblies China Manufacturer

Neodymium Speaker Driver Magnetic Assembly Feature:

Part No.: HSMSD03
Magnet Merital: NdFeB / Neodymium
The surface treatings are zinc OR nickel coated.
The Oper.Temp. are 100 ℃.
Customer designs are acceptable.

The voice coil and magnet essentially form a linear motor working against the centering “spring tension” of the spider and surround. If there were no restriction on travel distance imposed by the spider and surround, the voice coil could be ejected from the magnet assembly at high power levels, or travel inward deep enough to collide with the back of the magnet assembly. The majority of speaker drivers work only against the centering forces of the spider and surround, and do not actively monitor the position of the driver element or attempt to precisely position it. Some speaker driver designs have provisions to do so (typically termed servomechanisms); these are generally used only in woofers and especially subwoofers, due to the greatly increased cone excursions required at those frequencies in a driver whose cone size is well under the wavelength of the some of the sounds it is made to reproduce (ie, bass frequencies below perhaps 100Hz or so).

Performance characteristics

Speaker drivers may be designed to operate within a broad or narrow frequency range. Small diaphragms are not well suited to moving the large volume of air that is required for satisfying low frequency response. Conversely, large drivers may have heavy voice coils and cones that limit their ability to move at very high frequencies. Drivers pressed beyond their design limits may have high distortion. In a multi-way loudspeaker system, specialized drivers are provided to produce specific frequency ranges, and the incoming signal is split by a crossover. Drivers can be sub-categorized into several types: full-range, tweeters, super tweeters, mid-range drivers, woofers, and subwoofers.


Speaker drivers are the primary means for sound reproduction. They are used among other places in audio applications such as loudspeakers, headphones, telephones, megaphones, instrument amplifiers, television and monitor speakers, public address systems, portable radios, toys, and in many electronics devices that are designed to emit sound.

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